what dreams may come

January 2, 2017 General Studies

You may have seen Robin Williams in a movie called “What Dreams May Come.” It’s a sad story about a family that faced terrible tragedy. First of all, the two kids were killed in a car accident on the way to school. Then, a few years later, their father, Chris (Robin Williams), is killed in an accident too. His wife, Annie, finding herself alone, can’t cope with all the pain, so she commits suicide. This is only what happens here on earth. The movie is mainly about what happens after that; the afterlife. When Chris dies, he finds himself in Heaven. It’s a beautiful place, (thanks to a lot of cool special effects work) where all his dreams really do come true. His dog was there, his children were there, and even his house was there, but there was still something missing. You see, when Annie committed suicide, she went to Hell. She is separated from her family and is lost in this dark pit of despair. There is no way out for her.

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Chris can’t accept this. He decided to go down into the fiery pits of Hell to try to rescue Annie. It’s a horrible, difficult journey. Eventually, Chris does find his wife, but there is a problem. He only has a few minutes to rescue her, or he to would be trapped in Hell. The only way for him to get her out of Hell is for her to recognize who she is, where she’s at, and what she has done to get there. He couldn’t get it done. But Chris couldn’t possibly leave his wife there. So he decides to give up his soul and stay there with her. When he does that, Annie realizes who he his and they both end up in Heaven, together.

This movie has raised a few eyebrows in the view of the church. It has many good teachings, but most of the values don’t follow the teachings of the church. In this paper, I hope to bring these differences to plain view and analyze them to give you the straight facts.

aoe Social Justice Issues.

I think of all the social justice issues that are touched on in this movie; they all revolve around Chris” wife Annie.


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