What Happens in the Sacraments Essay

October 19, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Religion

1. What does the Church’s Holy Eucharist celebrate?
The Church’s Holy Eucharist celebrates the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

2. Redemption is the action of Jesus Christ whereby he paid the monetary value of his ain Death on the cross to salvage us from wickedness and therefore return us to new. ageless life in brotherhood with God. In the Eucharist we proclaim the enigma of our Redemption.

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3. True or False? In the Holy Eucharist we remember and take part in the events that accomplished our Redemption. True

4. What is a cardinal subject of the religious authorship of Blessed Dom Columba Marmion. O. S. B. ? Explain. A cardinal subject in his authorship is “divine adoption”

5. In the Eucharist Christ communicates the fruits of the Paschal Mystery. Through religion and our engagement in the sacraments. every aspect of our lives becomes intertwined with the life of Jesus as we grow in brotherhood with the Blessed Trinity.

Pages 32 – 37 Christ Acts through the Sacraments
6. True or False? The Apostles were empowered to get down the mission to learn and baptise people of all states on the Judaic Feast of the Ascension. FALSE The Apostles were empowered to get down the mission to learn and baptise people of all states on the Judaic Feast of Pentecost.

7. The experience of Paraclete everlastingly changed the Apostles as they became enlivened. rejuvenated. and filled with bravery. They spoke openly to the “Jews from every nation” who had come to Jerusalem for the jubilation.

8. The Holy Spirit continued to be present in the Apostles and they became “sacramental signs” of Christ. Through Apostolic sequence they entrusted the power and authorization of the Holy Spirit to their replacings.

9. True or False? The events of our Redemption occurred merely one time. but by the power of the Holy Spirit the Holy Eucharist makes these events nowadays and existent for us today. True

10. God the Father is the beginning of the approval we receive from the Holy Eucharist. Our response involves acknowledging God’s approvals in the narrative of creative activity. His compacts with the Chosen people and eventually in the coming of Christ.


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