What is Abuse

April 21, 2019 Nursing

What is Abuse?
Abuse is not a new occurrence in health Industry. The word Abuse was first described in United Kingdom in scientific journals in the 1970’s. The elder Abuse was well known widely and received governmental attention in the 20th century. According to a journal on Elder abuse context and theory: Finland, Ireland, Italy and Romania.
Abuse is a single act or a recurring action that causes harm or risk of harm to the other person. When there is expectation of trust, the consequences may be harmful. Abuse includes emotional, financial, institutional, physical, neglect, sexual and discriminatory. Act of abuse could happen one time or occur frequently with people who are in relationship or known to the victims such as abuser/ perpetrator of abuse. They could be
? Untrained care staffs/ poor practice
? Volunteer or member of the community
? Relatives ,spouse, or family member
? Group of professionals in a care organization
? Person acting with criminal intention

Vulnerable Adult : This is an individual who is aged 18 years or over who: ”Is or may be in need of community care services by reasons of mental health, learning or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation” (No Secrets 2000
”Whose independence and well being would be at risk if they did not receive appropriate health and social care support” (Safeguarding Adults 2005)
Vulnerable adults include people who are victims of domestic violence, homeless people, substances misuse, alcoholic, modern day slavery, immigrant and prostitute (Michaud, 2007). including those who have undergone traumatic pressure are also vulnerable to various kinds of abuses. Individuals are vulnerable to such abuse due to the fact that they have learning disability, physical disability, sensory impairment, severe illness, mental health problems, old age and frailty. Individuals or groups considered weak by people are the main target of abusers .People who are abused either verbally, sexually, physically or in any other way react differently to situations of abuse.
Physical and learning disabilities causes people to be more vulnerable because they cannot make fast or quick reaction because of their mental capacity in an abusive situation.. It could be difficult to defend themselves from abuse because they depend on others for assistance for their day to day activities for example feeding, personal care, dressing and shopping . They fear of losing their independence if a report is made, they could get more threats from children or family telling the victim to give them money if not they will take them to nursing home and they will lose their house. Example: Financial abuse. Approximately 130,000 people living in community suffered financial abuse in United kingdom from age 65plus. Financial Abuse Evidence Review November 2015

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