What Is Employee Engagement Management Essay

October 15, 2017 Management

In today ‘s planetary universe, in malice of the handiness of modern and progress engineering the human resource of an organisation can non be ignored. It is in fact the endowment of the employees that determines the success of an organisation. The keeping of endowment helps organisations to derive competitory border over challengers. Therefore, every organisation in twenty-first century is witting about the battle of its employees as it enhances employee public presentation and plays an of import function in the accomplishment of desirable results as productiveness, profitableness and turnover.

Therefore the intent of composing this paper is to research the drivers of employee battle. The survey besides looks at Gallup ‘s employee battle questionnaire that helps mensurate the degree of employee ‘s battle.

What is employee battle?

The term employee battle needs to be clearly understood by every organisation. Some organisations perceive it as occupation satisfaction others say it ‘s the emotional fond regard towards the organisation. William H. Kahn ( 1990 ) defined employee battle as “ the harnessing of organisation members ‘ egos to their work functions ; in battle people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively and emotionally during function public presentation ” . Therefore to construct an occupied work force employees must be both emotionally and cognitively involved in occupation activities.

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There are a figure of external and internal factors that help mensurate the degree of employee battle. External factors include organisation environment ; its civilization and values, manager-subordinate relationship, relationships with colleagues, pecuniary benefits and assessments. Whereas internal factors include the personal values of employee, personality type and committedness to work. Gallup ‘s research on employee battle shows that there is a strong relationship between good being of an employee and the degree of their battle. An occupied employee is efficient an effectual for the organisational results.

Reappraisal of Literature

It is the trough who must make an environment for the employees to be both cognitively and emotionally engaged. And self efficaciousness may positively impact and heighten employee engagement- direction effectivity relationship. ( Luthans & A ; Peterson, 2002 ) . Research shows a strong relationship between employee battle and desired results of an organisation such as productiveness, employee keeping, safety and client service. ( Beverly and Philip, 2006 ) . There is considerable difference between occupation battle and organisation battle. There several forecasters of occupation battle and organisation battle and both are related to single effects. ( Alan, 2006 ) . For a successful concern employees should be engaged through effectual communicating. Therefore an organisation should give precedence to its human resource so that its employees can stand by in competition. ( Nitin Vazirani, 2007 ) . Amanda Ferguson in “ Employee Engagement ; either it exists or if it does be so how does it associate to public presentation ” . Harmonizing to Amanda there is no proper and consistent definition of employee battle and it measured the determination of Gallup organisation i.e. what of all time engagement might be, unluckily the longer employee stay with an organisation less engaged they become. William H. Macey and Benjamin Schneider in “ the Meaning of Employee Engagement ” wrote that “ an organisation should set up conditions for the physical, emotional and behavioural employee battle as it the cardinal to competitory border ” . Dr. Ram and Dr. Prabhakar ( 2011 ) , in “ The function of Employee Engagement in work related results ” studied that if an organisation manages the battle of its work force it will resultantly heighten the motive of its employees, increase their productiveness, and lessening employee turnover rate. He besides found that organisations that have an environment of acquisition and develop its employees have more engaged work force. The degree of employee battle is deciding of productiveness, employee motive and keeping. Markos and Sridevi ( 2010 ) wrote “ Employee Engagement ; the key to Improving Performance ” in which they studied employee battle positively affects the coveted results of an organisation. Organizations with an engaged work force can accomplish its public presentation results such as productiveness, profitableness, growing and client satisfaction.

Employee battle has direct consequence on productiveness and growing. If employees are engaged they will seek degree best to carry through their occupation duties which will accordingly take to non merely increase in organisation productiveness but will besides heighten the self public presentation of employee. In the universe of globalisation merely those organisations which have extremely engaged workers can last and turn. ( Al-Aamri 2010 ) .

If an organisation communicates efficaciously that alteration is necessary so employees can be engaged in their work, which will assist the organisation in execution of its alteration scheme. ( Sonenshien and Dholakia ) . Mentoring has a strong direct consequence on every dimension of employee battle. For the intent of mentoring a web-based system should be adopted by an organisation as it is the low cost method to supervise and better the attitudes of employees. ( Ternary Creek, Employee Engagement research ) . How employees feel about their occupation as a direct impact on their work experience and it besides effects the organisation results such as client satisfaction, gross revenues and net income. ( Bulgarella 2005 )

Decision and Recommendations

The term “ employee battle ” is non yet defined decently and its definition is non consistent. Most of the research conducted on employee battle considers its ancestors and effects. The chief focal point of research workers has been the drivers of battle and detachment. But an organisation can prosecute its employees merely if the employees have the coveted attitude. Therefore an organisation should develop its employees to alter their attitudes if they want to decently pull off work force battle. Further we reviewed the Gallup ‘s employee battle questionnaire which is really much influential in concern research as it can be used efficaciously for the empirical measuring of employee battle.


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