What Is Mento Essay

October 15, 2017 Music

Mento is a distinguishable manner of Jamaican music that emerged in the early 1900’s and is non to be confused with Jamaican fairy-slipper. Mento. much like other Caribbean common people music. is a blending of African beat. Latin beat. and Anglo folk songs. Mento draws its traditions from African slaves brought to Jamaica and some European common people civilization. Slaves were sometimes made to play music. singing European common people vocals which mostly influenced the development of Mento.

Inevitably. the slaves would inculcate their ain traditions with the music and it became common pattern to sing Mento vocals about societal lives of the people. In Jamaica. Mento is sometimes referred to as state music. because of it light hearted and simplistic wordss every bit good as the omitting of electric instruments. A Mento set typically consists of a banjo. an acoustic guitar. manus membranophones and rhumba box and is characterized by a 3:3:2 beat with an accent on the 4th round in each saloon.

Mento came to existent prominence in the 1940’s and 1950’s before being displaced by ska. stone steady and reggae. It wasn’t until the early fiftiess that true Mento recordings foremost began to look on 78 RPM phonograph record. This decennary was mento’s aureate age. as a assortment of creative persons recorded Mento vocals in an mixture of beat and manners. It was the extremum of mento’s creativeness and popularity in Jamaica and the birth of Jamaica’s entering industry. These recordings reveal Mento to be a diverse musical genre. sometimes played with foolhardy wantonnesss and other times with orderly preciseness.

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In add-on to mento’s African and European roots. by this clip. it had besides encompassed pan-Caribbean influences. every bit good as from American wind. Although it was informed by a universe of music. mento is clearly. uniquely Jamaican. And as Jamaica’s original music. all other Jamaican music can follow its roots to mento. Mento is still listened to in Jamaica today. but largely be heard in tourer finishs. Early recordings of traditional mento are hard to happen. Some early mento practioners were Slim and Slam. Count Lasher and Everard Williams.


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