What is Philosophy Essay

Harmonizing to the celebrated Greek philosopher Socrates. “The unexamined life is non deserving living” . But what does he intend by this? He means that we should look and believe through life deeper. Examination of life is more than merely a usage of common sense. Hard thought is necessary even though it disturbs. With the usage of Philosophy. we better understand things and reply the most of import inquiries in being. Doctrine. harmonizing to the celebrated Greek philosopher Aristotle. begins with admiration at the wonders and enigmas of the universe. In other words. we started to oppugn things around us because of our wonder and our demand to achieve cognition about things.

Doctrine is the love of wisdom ( etymologically from the Grecian word philos. intending “love” . and sophia. intending “wisdom” ) . It means that we must hold the enterprise to prosecute cognition because we love to hold it. Seeking the truth doesn’t ever intend victory. success or satisfaction. Sometimes. giving up our standard tradition and upseting our common sense requires our rational and emotional strength for us to be able to hold on new thoughts that would subsequently on profit us and free us from incorrect impressions. beliefs and thoughts.

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We must non give up in philosophical enquiry and modesty ourselves for the chase of truth because truth will put us free from the darkness of ignorance. Doctrine is non ever changeless. We must larn to develop the sense of comprehending others’ point of views. Doctrine points out our every false perceptual experience in footings of what we believed in. But people react to philosophical enquiry in different ways — positively or negatively. In this manner. Doctrine teaches us to reason.

One of Philosophy’s undertakings is to clear up constructs. We should larn to challenge over the different constructs by looking at the frame of mention of the phrase. observe its built-in ambiguity. and to unknot it doing things clearer. In short. apprehension is a major factor in order to clear up constructs. Philosophers’ major undertaking is to build an statement. After we wonder and clear up a construct. we should supply an statement for us to back up and analyze that construct. It is for us to supply premises that no 1 would doubt.

Philosophic logical thinking is like scientific logical thinking. We create thoughts and create hypotheses that are tested to assist us take our desire for truth. Unlike scientific experiments. philosophers create their thoughts non inside a research lab. but in their originative and critical heads. In their heads. inventive idea experiments take topographic point. Philosophers do non give and give thoughts without thought of it critically. They do non acquire thoughts from someplace.

They formulate them. analyze them. back up them and administer it to the society because they besides deserve to cognize and believe every bit good. Philosophic inquiries are infinite. The inquiry continues to come on as one issue solved and another to elicit. Understanding of things is non rather easy. We need to gradually allow ourselves believe more and we must ne’er halt.

Scientists. mathematicians. physicist and psychologists can be considered as philosophers in their ain field. For they think and discover for them to hold replies and grounds to their ain enquiries. There are four major countries of Philosophy — Metaphysics. Epistemology. Axiology and Logic. Each of them raises their ain inquiry that develops our logical thinking. Doctrine replies about anything. Doctrine answers our inquiries about scientific discipline. psychological science. logic. mathematics. history. legality. linguistic communication and even our inquiries about life.

Philosophical survey is dialectic and requires rational conversation that requires two parties that will oppose or back up each other’s statement. Philosophy is rational. It is normal to inquire and inquire and inquire. Sometimes it is all right to go irrational in some ways. There are two sorts of concluding — practical and theoretical grounds. Practical involves moving in order to recognize a end. Theoretical on the other manus. involves our beliefs. faith. and God. There are certain bounds of Philosophy. It can non reply superstitious beliefs and patterns that involve faith and supernatural existences. Practical and theoretical logical thinking clangs with each other at a certain scenario.

At some instances. they support each other. If we can non reply our enquiries with practical logical thinking. we seek for theoretical logical thinking and frailty versa. Obtaining truth is non easy. but with our thirst for it. nil is impossible. Johann Goethe said. “The multitudes fear the rational. but it is stupidity that they should fear. if they merely realized how unsafe it truly is. ” He is perfectly right. I prefer to be a individual with mind instead than a individual blinded by stupidity. “Philosophy is so broad that it becomes another universe wherein intelligence dominates and admiration is a virtue” .



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