What Is the Marketing Mix and Why Is It Important Essay

September 15, 2017 Marketing

The selling mix is defined as the set of governable selling variables that the company blends to bring forth the response it wants in the mark market. The selling consists of the four P’s which are merchandise. monetary value. topographic point and publicity. The merchandise is something that satisfies the clients need. Sellers need to cognize about their merchandise so that they can market to their mark client. Price is the sum of money that the client pays to acquire the merchandise.

The seller needs to cognize the cost of the merchandise and understand how much the client is willing to pay to obtain that merchandise. Place stands for the distribution of the merchandise and describes the procedures that are taken topographic point to acquire the merchandise from the providers and manufacturers of the merchandise to the market topographic point where it is ready for purchase. Promotion is the manner that the seller can pass on and carry their mark client to buy their point. Promotion includes advertisement. personal merchandising. direct selling and synchronal selling.

This is of import to a selling director as they are desiring the consumer to buy their merchandise. There are three other P’s that have been added to the selling mix and these organize the drawn-out selling mix. These include people. procedures and personal grounds. Peoples are a cardinal tool in selling as they are able to organize relationships with clients to advance gross revenues or if trained falsely can turn people off from a sale. The procedure in selling is of import for client dealingss besides.

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If one measure in the procedure such as the bringing of a good is done ill. the consumer will be a “bad ambassador” for the company. Physical grounds entails analyzing every facet that clients use in their perceptual field to measure such a service. This is besides an of import field in selling as the client controls the purchase. For an effectual selling run. all facets of the selling mix should be considered to accomplish the company’s selling aims by presenting value to clients.

When looking at the 7 P’s. we notice that these all come from the sellers’ side. non the consumers. Therefore. the selling experts have besides created 4 C’s in footings of customer’s wants and needs. These include Customer demands and wants. Cost to the client. Convenience and Communication. The customers’ demands and wants are of import as the demand of the client is the first measure in the merchandise purchase procedure. If there is no demand or want from the client. there will be no purchase. The cost to the client is besides of import.


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