What Is The Resurgence Bengal Project History Essay

By September 15, 2017 History

Soon, the Bengal is heartsick, that ‘s why we need a revival motion in Bengal. Presently, Bengal is delinquent, that ‘s why we need renascent motion in Bengal. Soon the Bengal is even effete, that ‘s why we need renascent motion in Bengal.

The glorious history of Bengal is universally acknowledged by all. Bengal was at synergism with the remainder of the planet through trade and exchange of cognition. Paradoxically, much of Bengal ‘s luster vanished after Indian independency, and presently the province is in the darkness, for raison d’etre multifaceted and chiefly made by Bengalis themselves.

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The present low-level state of affairs originates from a mixture of unsuccessful policies and confidences, the failure to exercise a pull on endowment and investing, along with an increasing sense of hopelessness. The restlessness to transform into a new money-making and political order, a Resurgent Bengal, is easy but certainly spell jumping the head of Bengalis. The mounting withdrawal linking the metropolis and the countryside, along with the mounting disparity is non merely fuelling the restlessness, but besides the hunt for speedy alteration.

Bengal needs to cut down corruptness, generate an ambiance which promotes invention, facilitate the consciousness of demographic dividends, generate occupations, percolate up efficiency and the quality of the public bringing system. To get the better of the vested involvement groups, it is indispensable to animate our system and regulations, for illustration: refering labor and fabrication, in bring forthing growing, addition in occupations and a more equal societal order. Mindset alteration needs to go on in line with current challenges.

The word “ resurgent ” means “ lifting once more as to new life and energy ” . The tools for such a rise in Bengal are on manus if we can set up on these tools in the demographic disparity of the people of Bengal and the geographic contours of Bengal ‘s terrain. We all know the topography of Bengal, and along with its rich coastlines, Bengal has rich internal waterway, which can help non merely in transit, but besides in quicker assimilation with other Asiatic economic systems.

If Bengal is capable in suppressing the bing dissension in land restructuring and granary rural understanding for alternate land usage, it can retrieve its place as the most industrialised province that it was in the 1960 ‘s and even up to the 1880ss, when Bengal created greater than ten per cent of the state ‘s industrial production.

It is just to state that the nucleus of industrialisation lies non so much in large industries, but in vary many Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ) . Given the right drift, these little endeavors can develop into a industrialised karyon ; supplying important new occupation creative activity to the young person. This would besides supply an option to people soon engaged in farming activities. Undeniably, this would name for a fresh set of Torahs associating to urbanisation, manual labor, fabrication, and, above all, an vastly enhanced rural connectivity. The clip has come to do Bengal a fabrication hub of India, with the “ Bengal Resurgence Project ” lending in its ain little manner to help in this transmutation of Bengal.

Having attained enormous achievement in sophistication, and bearing in head Bengal ‘s historic position as an “ information hub ” and cultural Centre, it can go a new cognition hub. By supplying better self-determination to constitution of higher acquisition, Bengal can go a magnet for the finest and brightest people of the state and across the Earth for research, cognition and instruction. The history of Bengal is testament that Kolkata and Bengal have an amazing yesteryear in cognition leading, and can excel others in going yet once more an international hub of glare in instruction. These can be trigger points and accelerators for re-igniting the growing drift for a renascent Bengal. Revival is to retroflex and to make what has been accomplished. For the raison d’etre mentioned above, the phase is set for Bengal to be renascent one time more.

There is an ambiance of a sensed crisis in Bengal. No 1 can contradict the fact that Bengal is at its minute of truth. On one side, the trade and industry chances are immense if the alteration is successful and organized. The chance cost of a letdown, on the other manus, is highly immense. The Bengal Resurgence undertaking aims to convey about a revival in the attitude and mentalities of people, and to affect upon the people that the current crisis embeds in itself a whole new chance of alteration in Bengal. The state can non boom devoid of a booming Bengal, and a booming Bengal will do for a affluent state.

Over the old ages, Bengal has lost its prominence and magnificence. The Bengal revival undertaking is an effort to appreciate deeply the full potency of Bengal with comprehensive apprehension of its earnestness, which has non been attempted before. Hence, there is a pressing call to do the folks of Bengal, peculiarly the young person, witting and proud of their huge bequest ; bestiring them to endeavor for a greater and better Bengal hereafter.

Furthermore, there is an pressing call for action to showcase Bengal and all that she stands for, her triumphs – historic and current – and their intension and effect for the full humanity. Merely so will Bengal be more apprehended, deservedly accepted and keenly wanted for the duty of a nucleus vehicle in India ‘s permanent alteration. Hence, “ Resurgent Bengal ” , a undertaking undertaken by Art of Living Foundation aims to help in the state ‘s call for action.

Bengal at hamlets: An Introduction ( Home Page )

Bengal is undeniably at cross-roads today. It would be just to state that there is a sentiment of jitteriness and exposure at the current corruptness degrees, aggression, prevarication and worsening value systems. But, at the opposite terminal of this spectrum, there is expectancy, even strong belief that Bengal will return to its topographic point as a notable giver to humanity.

Accepting Bengal is non simple. Few may reason that Bengal ‘s success may look pettiness in contrast to what the state and/or other provinces have achieved. The “ Bengal Resurgence Project ” is a low measure undertaken by The Art of Living Foundation to do people find the connexion between the Bengal ‘s rich history and the demand for alteration

The Mission: Purpose of “ Resurgence Bengal Project ”

“ Resurgent Bengal Project ” strives to arouse in us Bengalis and Indians every bit good as non-Indians alike a great love for Bengal, an honest grasp of our traditions and civilizations, and a motive to endeavor for an even greater Bengal traveling frontward.

Briefly, the mission of “ Resurgent Bengal ” is:

To resuscitate and stress the complete and echt pictureA of Bengal ‘s immense success in assorted adherents including ( but non limited to ) medication/ scientific discipline and technology/ construction/ astronomy/ dance/ maths/ art/ Yoga and mysticism/ surgery/ carving/ music/ polity/ disposal etc.

To derive an penetration into the grounds and the drive forces for its great successes, which had earlier facilitated and catapulted Bengal as a force to be reckoned with.

To acquire motive from these penetrations, to endeavor for a fresh, lively and Resurgent Bengal, that will travel further than its early victory and play a polar function of duty in the new millenary.

The virtues that for centuries gave Bengal its odd differentiation will non merely hold to be revived and recognized, but besides to be taken to even higher pinnacle.

For this a start has to be made by bring forthing a greater understanding about these facts. Bengal Resurgence Project is an enterprise that strives to convey together people from diverse subjects who portion our vision by lending in vary many ways to the common end – A Resurgent Bengal.

We wish to inquire difficult pertinent inquiries in the context of Bengal. For illustration, why is it that persons still sleep on the pathway, complete households populating at the fringe of the railroad paths? Why are train tonss of endowment go forthing Bengal and why have enterprisers downed shutters in the land of “ political stableness ” ?

Bengal was one time renowned for its cultural bequest. Numerous minds hailed from Bengal – Subhash Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Rammohan Roy, JC Bose, Ramkrishna Paramhamsa etc.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak had one time commented, “ What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. ” Unfortunately, the current province of personal businesss in Bengal is the wholly opposite to what one time was. There are frequent work stoppages ; dwindling employment chances ; rampant corruptness ; bureaucratic holds ; and other jobs specific to Bengal.

Bengal requires an attitudinal displacement, and hopefully the “ Resurgence Bengal Project ” will be instrumental in achieving the same. The Royal Bengal Tiger needs to be on the tally once more, and India along with the universe needs to take notice.A

The Target Audience: Who can be portion of “ Resurgence Bengal Project ”

“ Resurgent Bengal ” is likely to deeply affect people from all walks of life, including cross-section of persons falling into diverse age brackets and Fieldss. The undertaking is chiefly targeted at Bengalis and non-Bengalis, Indians, Non Resident Indians ( NRIs ) and aliens who have a turning wish to cognize Bengal.

This web site will on a regular basis be updated with user generated remarks and experiences. All of it may non do superb reading or uncover astonishing discovery. However, we will try to convey out that component of exceptionality that we are all witting of, if non openly, at least someplace in our consciousness. It ‘s non patriotism or intransigent acuteness to blow huntsman’s horns, but instead a push for stretching our reminiscence, changing the relics of the “ past forgotten glorification ” into the “ future must hold ” .

Aid in the coming of a renascent Bengal.

The Action Stairss: Joining custodies for a Resurgent Bengal

First Phase: Preliminary Research

In the first stage, a profound and bona fide survey will be carried out to larn about the supreme achievements of Bengal in every bit diverse spheres as executable. The nucleus focal point is non to do a widespread white paper on the past promotion in diverse spheres, but instead to acknowledge exceeding zeniths, which would in a outstanding bearing expose Bengal ‘s achievements in the times of yore.

More accent will be given to determining how this can help and help in authorising us to work for a greater and comfortable Bengal, a Resurgent Bengal.

Second Phase

Undertaking 1 – Devising of Video-films

On successful decision of the preliminary research, the findings will be presented with a suited attack that is absorbing and attractive.

For this we wish to do usage of influential audio ocular presentations in its different signifiers.

A Series of video-films for the Bengal every bit good as for the planetary audience would be made ( kindly refer Annexure 1 ) The production will be done by a committed squad of skilled professionals to chief highest proficient quality. It would be broadcasted on T.V. , wireless, in Bengal and throughout the universe. Particular attention will be taken to do the content of the picture pertinent and appealing for the Bengali young person.

Our purpose is to make consciousness among every bit many people as possible. We wish to make out to a big figure of people in Bengal every bit good as individuals and organisations involved with Bengal in other states.

Undertaking 2 – Social Media ( Internet ) , CD ‘s, Brochures and Books

The 2nd assignment would affect showing the true Bengal on the cyberspace and the devising of Compact Disks ( to be distributed ) , booklets and books. Hopefully, with a big distribution and viewership in Bengal and overseas our mark audience will hear our voices ( Kindly refer Annexure 1 for inside informations ) .

The visual aspect will be both attractive with a widespread entreaty, without going dull and shoal.

Undertaking 3 – Seminars and route shows

Assorted seminars will be conducted in Bengal and overseas to do people cognizant of the “ Resurgence Bengal Project ” . If required, route shows will besides be undertaken.

Undertaking 4 – Collaboration

The “ Resurgence Bengal ” squad is unfastened to join forcesing with like minded persons and administrations to accomplish the common end of a Resurgent Bengal.

Undertaking 5 – Word of oral cavity

Last but non the least, all present members of Art of Living Foundation are requested to distribute the word of the “ Resurgence Bengal Project ”

“ Resurgence Bengal Project ” Timelines

Please insert inside informations here.

The “ Resurgence Bengal Project ” Team

“ Revival Bengal ” is being executed by Art of Living Foundation. Founded in 1981 byA Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and human-centered NGO ( Non-Governmental Organisation ) engaged in stress-management and service enterprises. The administration operates globally inA 151 states.

Art of Living Foundation ‘s international range and presence, and its big member base, consisting of extremely gifted individuals in their several Fieldss, would do it executable to convey together a squad of extremely competent and committed persons.

Insert more inside informations here.

Contact Us

A complete and echt undertaking on Bengal is being embarked on such a magnitude for the first clip and would ask big financess and sincere part from all of us. We request you, the supporters of Bengal, to fall in us in this project. The attempt has already started.

Make delight reach us and supply feedback to us so that we can better ourselves. Besides, we would greatly appreciate if you join us and state us how you would wish to lend and add to this enterprise.

All communicating may be addressed to:

Insert inside informations here.

Annexure 1

Capable for video-films and Cadmium ‘s on Resurgent Bengal


Integrity in Diversity

Painting, architecture and sculpture

Theatre, dance and music

Surgery and medical specialty

Gems and handcrafts

Education, warfare, civil order, disposal


Yoga and Spirituality, faith, doctrine, moralss

Astronomy, avionics, mathematics, scientific discipline, chemical science

Trade and Commerce ( including agribusiness and carnal scientific disciplines )

Richness and Fullness of life

The future Bengal, Conclusion

The Vision: Creating Lasting Change

Bengal wants more and more folks who portion the common vision of a renascent Bengal.

For this, one person or two are non plenty. Every manus is appreciated, every idea adds. Help us with penetration, ease us with your apprehension, and portion with us your experiences.

Our sculptures are excessively valuable, our scientific disciplines about gone. Our lingo bases uncared for and our religion struggles with others, holding gone astray. Our offspring can non certainly become inheritors to this Bengal, but the Bengal that was and still mouse a expression at us, of all time so intermittently.

The Bengal Resurgence Project is non a thaumaturgy pill that will inexplicably, make its work and go forth. The undertaking needs to be wittingly worked upon and till it reaches its ultimate vision of a Resurgent Bengal.

To state that Bengal has a rich yesteryear would be an understatement. Bengal ‘s history is sophisticated and illustrated in many literary plants. Ceaseless surveies have revealed the impressiveness and magnificence that there was. Astonishing information is available at our disposal for practically all topics under the Sun. Civil order and civilization have Hagiographas in copiousness to corroborate the illustriousness Bengal had attained in the yesteryear. To cut a long narrative short, we have the grounds at our disposal. The Bengal Resurgence Project aims to utilize these groundss and facts to do a shining Bengal. To show non merely what Bengal has done, but what Bengal is capable of making.


Business Climate: Destination Bengal

The major challenges before the State for the successful execution of the new industrial policy are:

The administrative setup and the policy execution machinery demand to be strengthened. Besides, an attitudinal alteration is required.

The development of substructure demands to be expedited. This may otherwise go a constriction and thwart the investor.

There seems to be non much followup of the investing proposals. These demands to be smartly pursued and the echt apprehensivenesss, if any, of the prospective investor removed.

Human resource development should be taken up on a go oning footing. Besides, the changeless drain of technically qualified forces who leave the state inn hunt of better grazing lands need to be invariably kept in position. Education and preparation will hold to be reviewed and reoriented to the worlds of the state of affairs and demands. Whether we like it or non, instruction today is mass orientated and at leisure. In position of the increasing demand for technically trained people at all degrees, there may be a demand to compact proficient and professional instruction into a shorter time-frame, with more intensive instruction and on the occupation preparation. The class content, particularly in the technology and engineering sectors need to be invariably updated, taking into history the technological progresss and emerging operating patterns. Particular attending will besides hold to be paid to the development of communicating accomplishments of the technology forces every bit good as to the art and techniques of pull offing people.

Labour demands to be more organized and responsible in Bengal. The prospective investor, whether foreign or Indian, expects to be assured of peaceable industrial dealingss, before puting in Bengal.

Till the installing of Bokaro Steel Plant in Bihar in the 70 ‘s, West Bengal was the lone province in the Union which had the differentiation of holding two big integrated steel workss.

West Bengal is one of the major mineral bring forthing provinces of India and is endowed with a figure of metallic and non-metallic minerals.

West Bengal besides enjoys certain natural location advantages. It is strategically located on the eastern sea-board of India ; and with its two ports in Kolkata and Haldia, it is the natural gateway to the fast turning South-east Asia and Asia Pacific parts.

To guarantee a congenial industrial environment, the new equation should be one of co-operation and partnership between labor and direction in a common venture, with the aim of increasing productiveness. The labour force should move with greater restraint, as a mature and responsible spouse holding a interest in the prosperity of the industry it is working with.

West Bengal has in the past given the lead to the remainder of the state in regard of both industrial and societal development. Along with steel and technology industries, it pioneered the development of chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries in the state. Its part to the freedom motion, literature, instruction, art and civilization is good known. Bengal has ever been in the vanguard of economic and industrial advancement. It is hence, unfortunate that its advancement has been slowed down since the late 1960ss for assorted grounds.

Bengal has adopted a delay and watch attitude to react to the current state of affairs of liberalization, and besides decelerate to put in gesture a figure of policy steps to drive the maximal benefits of liberalization. The administrative machinery and the resources required to implement enterprises consistently within a time-frame seems to be missing, excluding some pockets of excellence. Revival and strengthening of administrative machinery and doing it more dynamic and antiphonal to the changed scenarios and demands is besides one of Bengal Resurgence ‘s vision.


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