What is truth? Essay

By July 17, 2017 General Studies

All words hold power. Wordss have the power to interrupt down and rupture apart a individual wither it be emotionally. physically. or spiritually and those same words have the power to construct a individual or foundation. But the words themselves are non what give them the power that they hold it is us the people that give them the powers and significances that they hold. We might non be cognizant of it but we are the 1s who determine which words have what type of power. We decide which words label you as what.

Certain words can round you as a atrocious individual but besides some words can label you as the greatest individual person has of all time met. it all depends on what type of impact we want a certain word or group of words to intend. One word that holds a batch of significance is truth. Truth is the key a constituent when it comes to more than one individual being successful. When I hear the word truth I think of dependability. dependableness. trust. trueness and award. To hold you full trust in person is a immense thing in the society we now live in. Without truth we lose and destroy a batch of import bonds and relationships because of it.

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Foundations are built around trust. Truth to me means a belief that person and something is dependable. honest or good. But truth is more than a word with a definition it is life. My ma usage to ever state me that the truth because the truth will put you free. truth is beauty and beauty is in the oculus of the perceiver. She would state me this significance that stating anything other than truth will take it eat Ate you and your witting and as you compound more and more prevarications with it you will go on to eat at you until you are set free by stating the truth.

When you’re at the incorrect a batch more people respect that you are stating the truth and having up to what you did so seeking to cover it up with a prevarication to do things look better. She would state me that truth is beauty and beauty is in the oculus of the perceiver. she would state me this with the thought I would understand that every expects and idolizes the truth and people will merely every bit true to you as you are to them. If you ask a million different people what the word truth means you would easy acquire a million different replies but one thing that we all can hold on is that there is no 1 truth. we live a universe of many truths.

We all want and expect the truth but the cherished words of truth can besides ache you merely the same or even more than a prevarication could of all time make. We as people who plead and beg for the truth to be told bulk of people don’t know how to truly accept the truth. The dissension or statement that I ever hear is that stating the truth may non ever be a good thing. Some people that a “little white lie” is better than maintaining it true it makes them happy. Is at that place a thing as being excessively honest or being to truthful?

Many people argue that stating the truth and merely the truth as the best manner to travel about life. although the truth might ache person feelings it still needs to be heard. If the truth is non what you want to hear a smart individual accepts the truth and uses it to break their state of affairs or themselves. Is it acceptable or the right thing in the terminal to lie to protect someone’s feelings from being hurt? Some people might reason that all anyone wants to make is to be happy throughout life and if they have to populate a prevarication to be happy that should be good adequate pick for them.

I was raised with the thought instilled in my head that a man’s word means and Tells you all you need to cognize about a adult male. If a adult male is anything other than or Tells anything other than the truth he is to be frowned upon. In one facet that truth plays a large function in is in a matrimony. or relationship. A relationship or matrimony without trust or the ability to be true is bound to be a failure. Before acquiring into relationships a batch of people have jobs with trust from perchance early childhood experiences or past relationships.

Truth in a relationship can non merely be said or talked about actions have to be away. No truth in relationships leads insecurities within people and the inability to swear in a relationship can do the feeling of emotions such as choler. hurting. treachery. and dishonored. No affair how much you love person if they do non experience sure feelings towards a individual and a relationship rapidly alteration. When you get married you make a life-time committedness to love. attention. be loyal and true with your loved one.

There is no getter droping so being told anything but the truth by person who means more than the universe to you. To be untruthful will everlastingly hold you labialized as disloyal. unreliable. and dishonourable and to me those who are untruthful are lower than the Earth itself. Finding out that your important other is keep backing the truth from you is a annihilating thing to cover with. The truth holds such a large function in the success of relationship that keep backing it our stating anything other than truth can hold such a negative impact on what’s meant to be the upbringing of felicity in your life.

Bing true to you is another portion and signifier of truth. When being true to yourself it is holding unity for what you believe in and your ethical motives. Bing true to yourself is non altering who you are or what you about when you a tested by hardship and how you act in the face of success. Bing true to yourself is to cognize and understanding the truth of who you are. accepting your ain personal defects and imperfectnesss along with advantages and your ain personal abilities.

Bing true to yourself is non allowing anybody alteration who you are. that means that you hold on to what you know and was taught was right wither it be your spiritual ways. the true ways of your civilization. or your true ends in ethical motives that you live your mundane life by. When you are true to yourself people respect you and your ways more and are more willing to listen to you. Bing true to yourself and holding interior truth and interior peace with who you are I believe is the chief key to being happy. As stated before all words have their ain strength and power.

They have the power to interrupt down a individual or foundation or they could besides construct them up. wither it be emotionally physically. or spiritually. We as people in this society give words the power that they hold by how we act upon their significances. Truth is one of the simplest words but holds a batch more power than any other. Truth is much more than a simple word with a significance it is a manner for life that we all should follow. Truth is the chief constituent of success in relationships. work topographic point. friendly relationships. and many other things we involve ourselves in our normal twenty-four hours life.

Without showing or moving on the word truth and the significance behind it a batch of different relationships and bonds will be lost and destroyed. When I hear the word truth I think of dependability. dependableness. trust. trueness and award. To hold you full trust in person is a immense thing in the society we now live in. There is no 1 truth there are many different signifiers of truth in the universe that we live in. I don’t think that two people will hold and give the same definition for truth if asked. To some people the thought. significance. and the actions the semen from the word of truth id the best manner to demo that who you genuinely are.

When I hear the word truth I think of dependability. dependableness. trust. trueness and award. To hold you full trust in person is a immense thing in the society we now live in. Wither you understand or want to believe it or non the universe that we live in is ran and built around the thought of how truth is and how truth should be no affair if it’s the truth in person else I a concern facet or in a relationship with person that mean the universe to you. or if its merely the truth you hold within yourselves. I think at the terminal of the twenty-four hours we expect and deserve the truth in our life’s.


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