What Is Value Of Studying English Language English Language Essay

August 2, 2017 English Language

Language is the complex system we use to pass on. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of The English Language by David Crystal defines linguistic communication as ‘the systematic, conventional usage of sounds, marks or written symbols in a human society for communicating and self look ‘ . [ 2003: p.464 ] .

English is one of the most widely spoken linguistic communications in the World and is the primary linguistic communication in many states including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, every bit good as being the first pick of 2nd linguistic communication for non-English speech production states. It is the chief linguistic communication of international diplomatic negotiations and can be seen and heard worldwide in advertisement, music, literature, commercialism and trade. [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www1.aston.ac.uk/ids/combined-honours/english-language/ ]

Many of the English classs on offer at Universities in England explore facets of linguistic communication such as sentence structure, morphology, phonetics and regional fluctuation, along with personal, cultural and historical issues and how it is used in different contexts. [ mention needed ] There are besides options to larn a modern foreign linguistic communication or learn English as a foreign linguistic communication which can supply a greater apprehension of how English is used and understood by non native talkers.

The value of analyzing English Language has been the topic of much argument. The term ‘value ‘ is somewhat equivocal as it can be interpreted in many ways depending on a individual ‘s position point. This essay looks at ‘value ‘ in footings of accomplishments obtained and graduate employability.

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In an article published by the Guardian in 2009, Anthea Lipsett remarks that with the authorities forcing more support into scientific discipline research, there is less money available for humanistic disciplines and humanistic disciplines, giving the feeling that these topics are less of import. [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/mar/05/universityfunding-researchfunding ]

In 2009 the former Higher Education Minister David Lammy pledged to advance humanistic disciplines and humanistic disciplines grades as they were “ no less of import than scientific discipline and engineering ” and an “ indispensable constituent of the gum that holds this state together and without which we can non truly flourish ” .

[ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dius.gov.uk/news_and_speeches/speeches/david_lammy/value_of_higher_education ] .

As portion of the national course of study, English Language is a compulsory topic for all pupils up until the age of 16, but as a grade pick it is frequently seen as a ‘mickey-mouse ‘ capable which suggests that on accomplishment, the grade will hold no benefit or advantage to the alumnus. In specialist callings such as jurisprudence, medical specialty and instruction, capable cognition is really of import, nevertheless grounds shows that when looking for possible employees, employers value graduates with certain movable accomplishments and attributes that can be gained from an English grade. A typical English alumnus will derive the following movable accomplishments:

Advanced literacy and communicating accomplishments

Analytic and critical accomplishments

Information assemblage and handling

Independent idea and opinion

Ability to work with others

Ability to work in a critical and self brooding mode

[ Ref: pupil employability profile ]

Still, some employers are still diffident of the value of analyzing English as it is a shared premise that Humanistic disciplines and Humanities degree classs do non supply the chance to prosecute in teamwork or any undertaking work with presentation elements, and hence these alumnuss may miss some indispensable accomplishments. However it has been suggested that this belief is frequently accompanied by ignorance of how Humanistic disciplines and Humanities topics are really taught. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.english.heacademy.ac.uk/archive/publications/reports/gradcareers.pdf

Professor Maureen Moran, President of the English Association one time commented that as an English pupil you develop “ the penetration of an creative person, the analytical preciseness of a scientist and the strength of a attorney ” . [ Ref needed ]

It is by and large assumed that English alumnuss have a limited pick of business with learning being the chief calling way, nevertheless, the movable accomplishments and properties gained is doing a wider assortment of businesss more accessible with many recent alumnuss deriving employment in the originative industries, direction, publication and news media.

Statisticss published in 2008 by Prospects, a alumnus callings website showed that pupils of English are more likely to procure graduate degree places than other comparable humanistic disciplines alumnuss. [ www.prospects.ac.uk ] . In 2008 there were 11060 English alumnuss with 78 % reacting to the study. 51.6 % of respondents were in UK employment, 1.9 % in abroad employment and 7.9 % believed to be unemployed with the balance either go oning to analyze in the UK or overseas. Of the 51.6 % in UK employment, merely 6.3 % of these were as instructors which supports the statement that learning is non the lone calling chance for English alumnuss.

hypertext transfer protocol: //ruby.prospects.ac.uk/cms/ImageCache/4B1936542D2E4AED9319D3CEF71C3C4A/CB052898FC164375A49A8CF6D57819AA/WD/WDGD_final2009.pdf

a alumnus callings website, showed that of the 78 % of alumnuss who took portion in the study, the per centum of female alumnuss was 74.4 % .

Furthermore, a published study called ‘What make alumnuss make? ‘ presents the finishs ofA 2008 alumnuss, six months after graduation. Although it evidences an overall rise in alumnus unemployment, it shows that amongst the humanistic disciplines and humanistic disciplines, English alumnuss are the least likely ( alongside those in executing humanistic disciplines ) to be unemployed ( see p.53 ) .A The unemployment rate for English alumnuss is 7.9 % , the same as the per centum for all topics taken together. Further information about the finishs of English alumnuss can be found on p.56 and p.57.

Analyzing English Language equips alumnuss with a assortment of accomplishments that can be transferred to the work topographic point. These include the ability to pass on coherently, how to believe critically and reason persuasively, to work efficaciously with others, and to be after and organize clip expeditiously in order to work to deadlines. These are accomplishments that people use mundane both professionally and personally. Alumnuss who possess such accomplishments in written and spoken communicating are extremely valued by employers.

English Language is a flexible and adaptable topic that opens up a broad scope of calling picks that is non limited to learning but can include work in the populace sector, media and direction.

Statisticss published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that 71.5 % of pupils enrolled on English Studies courses in 2007/08 were female.

English alumnuss perform every bit good as most other alumnus groups in happening employment and look better at procuring ‘graduate degree ‘ occupations than other groups of humanistic disciplines alumnuss.

Quotation mark: with merely 9 % sing a period of unemployment, English alumnuss are non all different from the ‘average ‘ and seem to be in a better place than some other humanistic disciplines alumnuss. The English Degree and Graduate Careers 2003.


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