What it takes to be a man

November 17, 2017 Sports

The three most essential characteristics off manly man are to be well presented, ambitious and a self confident gentleman. Being well presented is always a necessary factor. No matter what a man’s thoughts are, he should never make a fool out of himself by losing his cool. Attitude is everything. Real men, -even if they’re having the worst day of their life- can put on a good attitude towards other people. Kindness is the key; many men are lacking this trait in everyday life.

They have the “l don’t care what other people thing about me attitude” and will treat people however they feel they should be treated. This is not a sign off mature man, but a sign of an immature boy. Another important element of being well conducted is appearance. A well conducted many will be physically fit and well groomed; which shows he has a lot of self respect. In example, Thee Sesame’s character, Four, from the movie Divergent, shows all of the Characteristics of a well presented character.

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He is physically fit and well groomed, and his attitude excels throughout the movie making him a well conducted man. Another key component of a real man is ambition. You won’t find men like this tinting on the couch Just waiting for something to happen; they’re the ones out there doing everything they can to be the best. They are full of determination and hungry for success. Whether they desire wealth, fame or power they’ll always give it everything they have. Real Men are truly ambitious.

This is becoming a rare trait to have. The wealthier, successful men in life are the ones everyone looks up to. They are considered the role-model in life for the 21st century instead of the warriors. The character Macbeth from the Shakespeare play is a very ambitious man; although he sees this ambition for evil instead of good. Therefore, he would not be the type of man I would look for. Instead, I would look for someone who uses ambition for good. Lastly, and most importantly, a real man needs to portray self-confidence.

Self- confidence plays an important role in life. Being self-confident means you have faith in your own abilities. As Virginia Wolf would say “without self-confidence we are the babies we cradle”. Meaning you won’t go anywhere in life without self-confidence; you’ll stay exactly where you are. Confidence raises your happiness and helps you live healthier lifestyle. It can also help you have an increased performance level in sports and overcome barriers in life.

A real man will never let anyone, even their best friends, persuade them to do something they don’t want to do. In my opinion, there is nothing more manly than a successful and confident man. Although real men are difficult to find, there are those few rare ones that contain the necessary traits. They are well presented, possess good manners and are well groomed; they are full of ambition, and won’t stop until they reach their goal; finally, hey are self confident and are not afraid to be themselves.

For the other boys out there they’ve got a lot of learning ahead of them before they can possess the traits of a real man. If these boys don’t attempt to improve themselves, I would predict they will end up a part of the fifty percent that have a marriage that ends in divorce. This is a call to action for all men; become a manly man. Work Cited “Self-confidence. ” The Free Dictionary. Farley. Web. 3 Cot. 2014. “The Acquiring Man – The Definitive Relationship Resource for Men. ” The Acquiring Man. Web. 3 Cot. 2014.


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