What Jquery Can Do Information Technology Essay

World Wide Web is a system that links the hypertext papers with Internet, allow users to browser their papers via Web Browser. Through the few decennaries, World Wide Web became a portion of our life and it development from the beginning that display a individual sentences and inactive informations until today, show colourful content, dynamic informations and life ( Savetz, 2007 ) . JavaScript had played of import functions in the development of World Wide Web. JavaScript is client-side scripting linguistic communications use to make synergistic web page. JavaScript capable to pull off users input ( Validation ) , show images, sound and etc, no affair wherever you are, every bit long as you utilizing World Wide Web, so you have to utilize JavaScript.

What is jQuery

Although JavaScript is common and widely usage in web page, but it complexness and compatibility in different browser had become a stumbling block for web developer. Therefore, an alternate manner to implement JavaScript has been intro, a JavaScript Library or known as JavaScript Framework ( Reuven, 2009 ) . JQuery, a JavaScript library develops by John Resig start from August 2005 and official first release in 2006. JQuery is an unfastened beginning undertaking and it is become the most popular JavaScript library among the universe.

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What jQuery can make?

What JavaScript can make, what jQuery can make. JQuery non merely merely JavaScript library but it besides provide assorted maps to simplify web developer work, such as AJAX, it simplify the coding work of web developer when they utilizing AJAX. Beside, jQuery besides support DOM ( Document Object Model ) component traverse and use, CSS, simplifies JavaScript event handling, effects and life. And besides, jQuery is able to widen with circuit board, it allow developer to compose their ain circuit board with jQuery API provide by jQuery ( Strahl, 2008 ) . Beside jQuery, there are other JavaScript library like paradigm is available, but nowadays about 31 % of 10,000 web site is following jQuery, why more and more web developer start utilizing jQuery? In this article, I will briefly discourse the jQuery map in nucleus API and jQuery user interface, the pros and cons of jQuery, jQuery relationship with other party and other factor.

Function of jQuery

JQuery can be categorising into two chief classs, which is jQuery API mentions and it extension, jQueryUI. JQuery API provides the map to developer and jQueryUI usage for graphical interaction between web users and web page.

JQuery API

JQuery API is the nucleus of jQuery, which content pickers, properties, use, CSS, events, Ajax, public-service corporations and internals.


Harmonizing to Bibeault and Yehuda, ( 2010 ) , Selectors, is a method introduce since looking of CSS, it is use to mention to a group of component within a manner sheet/hypertext papers. In CSS, we use code below to mention to an component ticket & lt ; p & gt ; and holding the font-weight bold to it content:

Figure 1: Example of CSS

In jQuery, it is rather similar with CSS but it replace with ‘ $ ‘ , we use the map below to mention a category name “ heading ” within an HTML papers and execute the map fell ( ) :

Figure 2: Example of jQuery picker with fell ( ) perform.

JQuery usage ‘ . ‘ for category choice and ‘ # ‘ for id choice, if the picker usage without ‘ . ‘ or ‘ # ‘ , it will mention to the HTML ticket, in the illustration below ; it will mention to a & lt ; div & gt ; ticket with ‘ajaxContainer ‘ Idaho.

Figure 3: Example of jQuery Selector usage with Idaho

JQuery do supply advanced picker to mention to element with certain status, here some illustration:

Figure 4: Some illustration of advanced pickers

Infusion from Bear Bibeault, jQuery in Action, 2nd edition, pg 10

Picker is the key of success of jQuery, it simplifies the basic JavaScript map that usage by developer. Example below illustrates how to acquire an component Idaho by JavaScript and jQuery.


Figure 5: Traditional JavaScript to acquire element Idaho.


Figure 6: Example to acquire an component Idaho by jQuery.

From the codification above, we can clearly see the simplifying of the JavaScript when utilizing jQuery, a few word map “ document.getElementById ( ) ” is wholly replace with a simple “ $ ” , conceive of when a web developer demand to utilize plentifulness of this map ; jQuery decidedly is the most effectual and efficiency manner to compose the codification.


Properties refer to the property in a certain hypertext markup language ticket ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) ; it uses to delegate value to belongingss of the hypertext markup language ticket. Attribute may alter dynamically with JavaScript. Example below is illustration of hypertext markup language ticket with property:

Figure 7: An hypertext markup language ticket with property.

JQuery library provide few map let developer to easy pull strings hypertext markup language ticket attributes like addClass ( ) , attr ( ) , hasClass ( ) and act. Table below show the map provide by jQuery and it use.

Figure 8: List of attribute map of jQuery

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/attributes/

Example below illustrate jQuery removeAttr ( ) map.

Figure 9: Example of removeAttr ( ) map

Adopt from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/removeAttr/

Mentioning to calculate 9, the textbox is non-editable, when a button is click, it perform the removeAttr ( ) map to take the property “ handicapped ” so the textbox can be edit.

Traversal and Manipulation

Imagine when you are at a certain component and you wish to continue to the following component to modify the component, what will you make for this instance? It might be clip consume and troublesome if codification with traditional JavaScript, but with jQuery, you can merely simple use jQuery DOM ( papers object component ) traverse and use map to accomplish this ( Swedberg, Chaffer, 2010 ) . JQuery provide batch of DOM traverse and use map for developers, tabular array below show some of the map provide by jQuery.

Figure 10: Some illustration of jQuery traverse map.

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/traversing/

Figure 11: Some illustration of jQuery use map.

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/manipulation/

JQuery did a great occupation on DOM traverse and use, in tradition JavaScript, we need to cognize the DOM sentence structure such as getDocumentById ( ) to modify the component ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) , but with jQuery, we even no demand to cognize DOM syntax so we can straight execute a DOM use to element by utilizing jQuery map. It successfully saves thousand and thousand of pupil and new developer from enduring in the survey and research of JavaScript and DOM.

CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets )

An interacting and interesting web site or web application is build from several constituents, HTML, server-side book such as ASP, JSP and PHP, client-side book ( JavaScript, VBScript ) and in conclusion, cascading manner sheets ( CSS ) . CSS play a really of import function on the ocular consequence of a web page, it defines how the page expression like, how a button should look, how a text should expose and etc. To expose a dynamic web page that the certain ocular consequence of the object will alter consequently to users ‘ action, it requires JavaScript. JQuery provide a set of map that usage to set/get the CSS belongingss ( Swedberg et al, 2010 ) . Example below illustrates how jQuery attention deficit disorder and take a CSS category from an component.

Figure 12: Highlight a selected row by utilizing addClass ( ) map.

Figure 13: Example of jQuery addClass ( ) and removeClass ( ) for CSS.

Mentioning to calculate 12 and figure 13, an event is define on an ASP.net control, when a row is selected, it will execute removeClass ( ) on variable “ selected ” which is refer to last selected row to take the “ ui-state-hover ” CSS, and so it will execute addClass ( ) to add the “ ui-state-hover ” Cesium to the selected row.

Merely like the DOM use, jQuery simplify the codification needed to alter the CSS, from the old, with a few line of codification, we can plan an synergistic web page and it decidedly save batch of clip, money and energy of developer.


Have you of all time conceive of you can add the event animal trainer of web page merely like a Windowss application? Have you of all time felt raging with JavaScript event animal trainer which you might necessitate to code a half page of codification merely for a few event animal trainer? JQuery overcome this full drawback with jQuery Event. Same as other API provide by jQuery, it provide the map to simplify the codification for event handling. Table below show some of the event managing map provide by jQuery.

Figure 13: Some illustration of jQuery event animal trainer map.

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/events/

With the map provide by jQuery, we can simple add an event handling. Example below illustrate the dlbclick ( ) map.

Figure 14: An illustration of utilizing jQuery events.

Mentioning to calculate 14, it bind a dblclick ( ) to “ dragTrans ” component and execute the codification in the within the map.

Beside the map above, jQuery introduce a map know as ready ( ) , it is a powerful map of jQuery particularly in events managing. Harmonizing to Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz ( 2010 ) , in tradition JavaScript, a method onload ( ) is use to put to death the codification within it when the page is render, nevertheless, this method might be execute before the DOM hierarchy is to the full concept, as a consequence, some of the codification within the onLoad ( ) is non run wholly since the DOM hierarchy have n’t build wholly. JQuery ready ( ) map overcome this job and it make certain the codification within the ready ( ) map will be run merely after the DOM hierarchy is to the full concept.

Figure 15: Example of ready ( ) map

From the illustration above, all the codification within the ready ( ) map such as the event managing map ( dblClick ( ) ) will be run when the DOM hierarchy is to the full concept.

JQuery event truly bring advantages to developer, with it plentifulness of event managing map and the ready ( ) map, developer no demand to blow excess clip to code and believe the logic of event handling, of class, this able to rush up the development velocity of a web page.


Ajax, besides known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a engineering physique from several constituents, which is JavaScript, DOM use, XML and XSLT, and XMLHttpRequest. It allows a web page to direct an asynchronous petition to server to acquire the informations and show in web page without reload full web page ( Crane, Pascarello, 2006 ) . The visual aspect of Ajax greatly enchanted the web surfing experience, no affair in velocity or ocular consequence. Although Ajax is powerful, but codification Ajax is hard occupation, particularly for new developer or developer deficiency of Ajax and java Script cognition. Here it come once more, jQuery provide set of Ajax map allow developer to code Ajax more effectual and codeless, with jQuery. Table below show the available Ajax map of jQuery.

Figure 16: Ajax Function of jQuery.

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/ajax/

Let take a expression on codification below that illustrate how jQuery simplify Ajax codification. A traditional JavaScript Ajax will wish below:

Figure 17: Traditional Ajax

Adopt from jQuery in Action

When utilizing jQuery, the Ajax above will be simplify to 1 line like the figure below.

Figure 18: Ajax with jQuery

Adopt from jQuery in Action

Although Ajax is powerful plenty but it complexities become a stumbling stone for people to to the full understand how it works. JQuery non merely simplify the codification to execute an Ajax but it besides allows those people without Ajax cognition to execute Ajax in their sites. Without a uncertainty, John Resig did another great occupation on jQuery.


Not merely bound to the nucleus API we discuss before, jQuery besides provide set of map to interact with browser and other public-service corporations that might needed by a developer when developing their site. Since there was excessively many map to name out, hence table below merely list out portion of the map provide by jQuery for public-service corporations:

Figure 19: Example of public-service corporations function provide by jQuery

Compile from hypertext transfer protocol: //api.jquery.com/category/utilities/


A successful and interesting web site non merely depend on it functionality, it besides depend on it ocular consequence and user-friendliness of the user interface design. Therefore, beside the nucleus API of jQuery, jQuery besides provide a set of UI tools allow developer to develop an interacting web site, known as jQueryUI.


From the past, we usually “ talk ” to our browser merely by snaping and clicking, if we want our browser to execute some action, so click the button, rather dullard, is it? Beside the interaction provide by HTML 4, jQueryUI let user to execute another 5 interaction ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) . The 5 interaction as below:

Figure 20: 4 interaction provide by jQueryUI

Draggable ( ) make the component can be move around by chink and keep your mouse on the component, a draggable component can be drag around the browser windows or within a container that define by the developer.

Figure 21: define a draggable component within a container.

Figure 22: consequence of define a draggable component within a container.

In figure 21, we define a “ dragTrans ” as a draggable object and the container is “ Panel1 ” , as a consequence, we can clearly see the object with label “ 234 ” can non be drag out from the boundary line ( “ Panel1 ” ) .

As we see before in nucleus API, some of the map have serve multi propose or sharing each other though the different API ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) . Draggable ( ) is one of the illustration, it serve other purpose other than merely do the object draggable. When utilizing draggable ( ) map, developer can disenable, destruct or re-enable the component, to accomplish this, merely merely go through a parametric quantity to draggable ( ) map.

Figure 23: illustration of disable a draggable component.

Code above disable the “ dragItem ” component by go throughing the “ disable ” parametric quantity ( option ) into draggable ( ) map.

There are still a batch draggable option we non cover here such as stack, start, halt and etc provide by jQueryUI but we merely discuss the basic and common usage option of the jQueryUI. Other than that, jQueryUI besides provide set of event that can be fire during dragging such as dragstart, retarding force and dragstop.

Droppable usually we utilizing partner off up with draggale, it make an component receive draggable component to drop inside it. Merely like our desktop, we drop our unwanted file ( draggable ) to recycle bin ( droppable ) . We define a droppable object merely like how we define a draggable object, same as the draggable, droppable object besides have it option such as accept, activate and etc. Same like draggable, jQueryUI besides provide a set of event that fire during droppable activate, such as dropactivate, bead, dropout and etc.

Sortable ( ) , as what the word province, it make thing sortable, with the AIDSs of draggable and droppable, sortable ( ) allow people to drag the component and set it into order they desire. Sortable ( ) usually use in an & lt ; ol & gt ; or & lt ; ul & gt ; and it will do it child element & lt ; li & gt ; able to screen. Just like draggable and droppable, sortable ( ) can be name without any parametric quantity to active sortable to element or go throughing some parametric quantity to active other map. Besides that, a set of event besides fire during screening.

Figure 24: Example of sortable ( )

Adopt from hypertext transfer protocol: //docs.jquery.com/UI/Sortable

Mentioning to calculate 24, it demo the sortable and how it work, item 1 until 4 is a list point, so when t define as sortable, we can merely take out the list point and put to our desire order.

In jQuery, we can utilize the DOM use to command the size of the component, but jQueryUI provide another simple manner to alter the size of the component, known as resizable ( ) , resizable provide the direct and on demand resize to the component. Just same with other jQuery map, it merely needs to be active on an component and that component is ready for resizable. Example below show a resizable ( ) map.

Figure 25: Example or resizable

Adopt from hypertext transfer protocol: //docs.jquery.com/UI/Resizable

In HTML, we normally can choose those Button, Radio Button, Check Box and other object provide by HTML that can be choice ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) . JQuery provide a map known as selectable ( ) , it make a certain component can be choice. For illustration, we can do a list clip in a list that selectable by the users or possibly we can hold a tabular array with plentifulness row and user able to choose it. Example below demonstrate selectable ( ) :

Figure 26: Example or selectable ( )

Adopt from hypertext transfer protocol: //docs.jquery.com/UI/Selectable

From all the interaction we discuss above, it truly helpful for web developer to let user to interact with the web site, although some of the map we might non ever utilize, such as retarding force and bead, but the other map such as selectable, resize table and sortable is really utile particularly in image processing.


Harmonizing to Bibeault et Al ( 2010 ) , in HTML, the controls provide are limited, we have some simple jazz band box, wireless button and etc. Other desktop controls such as a skidder that you might necessitate for volume control or rapid climb is non supply in HTML. To spread out the controls provide by HTML, jQueryUI provide us a set of control call known as doodads in jQueryUI. We will briefly travel to the doodads control 1 by 1.


These doodads will conceal all other subdivision except the subdivision selected by users.

Figure 27: Accordion doodads

Adopt from: hypertext transfer protocol: //docs.jquery.com/UI/Accordion

From the figure above, the subdivision 2 is selected and the other is concealing.


When utilizing this doodad in a textbox, the textbox will automatic finish the possible matching word type by users by memorising the old input of users.


Button in jQueryUI about same with HTML, but in add-on, jQueryUI have 2 excess map, 1st is layout, the button define by jQueryUI will look harmonizing to jQueryUI theming ( will discourse subsequently ) , the 2nd is buttonset ( ) , which use to group a several button into a individual group.


Merely like the name province, it allows users to take a day of the month from a calendar. The day of the month format can be customize and after the users select, the day of the month will be type in the textbox corresponds to the datepicker.


Dialog, most Windowss application developer will familiar with this, duologue is a windows prompt out to execute some input by user or demo some information. Lapp as the duologue in windows application, duologue is a drifting window that can be usage for input/display information. It can be move about and resize.


Progressbar usage to expose the completed per centum of certain occupation such as burden, change overing and etc.


Skidder is a saloon with a movable key that can be slide by users, jQueryUI besides back up skidder with 2 key which content 2 key that can be slide.


Tabs, rather similar to squeeze box, it split up the content to multiple subdivision and let users to choose the subdivision that he desire.

With these doodads provide by jQueryUI, web developers can plan a web application more users friendly and they can to the full utilize the excess control such as a skidder, check and etc to interact with users. One more of import of doodads is, it automatic support jQueryUI theming, which will be design harmonizing to the subject generate by jQueryUI.


By utilizing the old manner, if we need to inspire an object or an component, in our head, Adobe Flash will be the 1st pick. But now, we can execute this simple life such as slice in, melt out and etc without Flash. JQueryUI provide consequence map to let simple life can be executing without Flash. This build-in consequence can be to the full control by developer by go throughing the option/parameter merely like other jQuery API we discuss before. Besides the consequence map, jQueryUI besides provide several control map such as dequeue ( ) , animate ( ) , delay ( ) and etc to command the flow of life.

Animation with JavaScript is non a new construct ; the hereafter of the HTML which is HTML 5 is able to make the complicated life with JavaScript ( Bibeault et al, 2010 ) . Although HTML 5 have n’t official release but a batch of web developer include YouTube already get down proving on HTML5.


A good web developer non equal to a gifted interior decorator, but the designing and layout of web page is an of import key to construct a site that can pull people. As we talk before in old chapter, we can theme jQueryUI Widgets. JQueryUI provide a default subject on the doodads but it allow us to custom-make it either we code the CSS register our ego or we configure the CSS file ( Wellman, 2009 ) . Theme Roller, a tool or a web application that provide a high degree constellation of the theming ( Wellman, 2009 ) , developer can travel to it net site and choose the desirable colour, subject and etc and download it and utilize without future cryptography. Even you can hold multiple CSS file with different subject and let yours users to choose the subject they desire.

JQuery Pros and Cons


In this chapter, we will look on the pros of jQuery, as a JavaScript library, it portion some the advantages with it rival but among this, jQuery possibly did better than the other library.

Ease to utilize

JQuery is easy to utilize no affair in coding and installing. For installing, we merely necessitate to include the jQuery library codification in our site and add an extra to import the library, developer besides have option to take whether utilizing a simplify version or a original version of jQuery For coding, jQuery sentence structure is simplifying plenty comparison to other library and original JavaScript ( jscripter.com ) .


In jQuery.com, we can download the jQuery library and usage it, but beside that, we besides can establish a batch of certification on each of the map, these include account of map and sample of utilizing it. Developer can mention to the certification provide for understand the use of certain map ( ajaxwith.com ) .

Cross Browser

JQuery library ain ego have the compatibility over the full popular browser include Firefox, IE and Google Chrome. Developer no demands to compose the excess codification to look into the browser version for different managing codification ( Babu, 2009 ) .


JQuery allow developer to make their ain circuit board and publish for other party usage by utilizing the jQuery nucleus API. This allows developer to utilize the map that might no embed in the library. JQueryUI is one of the illustrations ( Babu, 2009 ) .

Ajax Support

Ajax is a powerful engineering in web development, but implement an Ajax might be a difficult occupation. JQuery support Ajax and supply a set of Ajax map to allow developer utilize Ajax easy ( jscripter.com ) .


There are no chief cons of jQuery, but if we want to discourse the chief cons of jQuery, it will be the executing clip and the use of original JavaScript by developer.

Execution Time and Size

Although jQuery provide simplify library of the original library, but it still necessitate clip to put to death those map name signifier the library and it add the excess download clip to download the JavaScript to client computing machine.

JavaScript use

JQuery is a JavaScript library, although jQuery is JavaScript library but it simplify the syntax become really different from original JavaScript, hence, if a developer ever use jQuery, he might familiar with the JavaScript library, but forgot the original, JavaScript.

JQuery and 3rd party

In this chapter, we will hold a briefly position on jQuery relation with 3rd party in browser, server-side linguistic communication and it rivals.

jQuery and browser

JQuery able to run in different browser, in the library, it automatic manage the different browser compatibility job, nevertheless, different browser have different JavaScript engine, hence, the executing clip will change depend on the JavaScript engine of the browser.

Figure 28: JavaScript Engine public presentation utilizing Chrome/V8 Benchmark

Adopt from hypertext transfer protocol: //ejohn.org/blog/javascript-performance-rundown/

JQuery ‘s writer, John Resig ( 2008 ) claims that the executing clip of V8 engine which utilizing by Google Chrome is fastest among the other engine. From the figure above, we can see the Google Chrome hit supra 1,875 point while other browser hit below 625 point. Harmonizing to Resig ( 2008 ) , V8 Benchmark, which is the benchmark used to prove the JavaScript velocity above, strictly test JavaScript with public presentation of recursion.

I have test with my ain concluding twelvemonth undertaking with big use of jQuery, I test in 2 browsers, which is Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, as a consequence I found that Internet Explorer necessitate more clip to expose duologue comparison to Google Chrome.

jQuery and server-side linguistic communication

A combination of the JavaScript, HTML, CSS and a server-side book is become a mainstream of web development. In this sub-chapter, we will briefly look the relation of the 2 widely use server-side book which is Asp.net and PHP with jQuery JavaScript library.

Asp.net, a server-side linguistic communication develops by Microsoft and it can be write in C # or VB. In Ocular Studio, there are some embedded JavaScript libraries like Ajax, but the library provided are bandwidth dearly-won ( Xun Ding, 2009 ) . The appearance of jQuery has become an alternate manner for executing an Ajax besides utilizing embeds asp.net Ajax Controls. Other than that, jQuery can be utilize to name the web services map that host with ASP.NET ( Xun Ding, 2009 ) . To utilize JQuery with Visual Studio, you might necessitate another file for the Visual Studio ‘s Intellisense. On the latest version of Visual Studio which is Ocular Studio 2010, Microsoft embed jQuery library interior as a client-scripting library ( Parket, 2010 ) .

PHP, Hypertext Processor, is a popular server-side scripting linguistic communication. JQuery can be implanting into any PHP site by utilizing the & lt ; book & gt ; ticket. Unlike ASP.NET, PHP does non supply an Ajax library to it developer, hence, looking of jQuery make the PHP developer life easier. JQuery make the Ajax call in PHP easier and the codification is more clear.

JQuery and rival

There are tonss of JavaScript library/framework in market, most of them are free. Some celebrated JavaScript library includes jQuery, Prototype JS, Javascriptmvc, Dojotoolkit and etc. Although there is batch of JavaScript library/framework in market, but largely users of jQuery are switching from Prototype JS, what make it so? JQuery sentence structure is rather similar with Prototype JS but jQuery provide much more map comparison to it. Besides that, one of the advantages of jQuery is the file size and users can take the map they desire, therefore the file size is smaller among other JavaScript Library/Framework. But in existent universe, it does non hold a best JavaScript Library, it really depend on the developer on taking it.

JQuery Hosting

In common, we will roll up together our book include CSS and JavaScript in our website waiter. Same issue with jQuery, usually we will include it in our waiter, but this will increase the size of our waiter and bandwidth use ( Dave, 2008 ) . A solution is available for this issue, hosting on 3rd party site. Microsoft and Google do host jQuery for developer. Developer can include the jQuery URL that host on Microsoft or Google on their site. The URL as below:


hypertext transfer protocol: //ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1.4.2.min.js


hypertext transfer protocol: //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js

Harmonizing to Dave ( 2008 ) , hosting jQuery on Google or Microsoft can diminish Latency, increased the correspondence of the connexion and have a better caching in user ‘s browser. Google and Microsoft have their CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) which content multiples file on different waiter, it will automatic take the nearest waiter to your client to download the file. By utilizing the 3rd party hosting jQuery like Google, the file merely have to download 1 times, it will observe whether the browser cache contain the jQuery file, if host on ain waiter, the jQuery file will be download at least 1 times when users entree to the site.


Writing JavaScript is non easy. Writing JavaScript will affect other component such as DOM, CSS, HTML, XML and etc. Appearing of Java model, or we call java library brand developer easier, when I start utilizing jQuery, I even do n’t cognize DOM is what, but I able to make the DOM use. Although there are a batch of JavaScript library in market but jQuery be able to follow by 31 % over 10,000 web site, this proven that jQuery is much more easy and acceptable by web developer around the universe.

I would wish to follow jQuery in my concluding twelvemonth undertaking due to it powerful map provided and it extend jQueryUI. And last, would wish to thanks to everyone who help me for the research and advice for finishing this seminar.



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