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What makes a successful metropolis? A metropolis is a topographic point where people live. grow. receive instruction. work. bask leisure and carry on their day-to-day life. Satisfying the basic human demands is surely non the reply to the inquiry. The success of a metropolis is tied inextricably to high criterion of life and good quality of life.

High criterion of life is a cardinal constituent of a successful metropolis. Standard of populating by and large refers to the degree of economic success. handiness of necessities. substructure. schools and instruction. wellness and sanitation. stableness and sustainability of a metropolis. Economic success brings wealth and attracts investings to a metropolis. in bend. more occupation chances and better quality of employment are offered. In response to increase in household income. more consumer goods and services are made available.

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The metropolis authorities is besides benefited from the growing of economic activities. Increase in gross of the metropolis authorities enables them to pass more in bettering substructure like public services and transit systems ; heightening the educational system comprises simple. higher and third degrees ; spread outing medical services and commanding pollution.

Furthermore. criterion of life besides includes facets of life that can non be bought or straight controlled by an person. for case. political and societal environment. and natural environment. Each of the aforesaid component signifiers an built-in portion of high criterion of life. Should all elements work together in harmoniousness. the consequences can be enhanced in multifold.

A successful metropolis must encompass a good quality of life. Quality of life in a metropolis takes into history non merely the material criterion of life. but other intangible facets that make up human life which are freedom and human rights. A metropolis with high grade of freedom allows people to hold the chance to talk. believe. act and pursue felicity without unneeded external limitations.

The importance of freedom is that it leads to creativeness and original ideas. increased productiveness and higher quality of life. While human rights focal point on how people interact with others at all degrees in a metropolis including household. school and workplace. It is of import that people should endeavor to understand what human rights are. When people have better apprehension of human rights. it will be easier for them to
promote justness and the wellbeing of a metropolis.

A metropolis has high quality of life can convert ambitious concern and talented work force to fall in in. To prosecute a better quality of life. all parties contribute their best attempts to better every facet of a metropolis towards flawlessness.

In decision. high criterion of life and good quality of life are the life blood for the success of a metropolis. High criterion of life and good quality of life fulfill the touchable and intangible demands for the successful metropolis severally. And every component of the two major constituents is of equal importance and failure in any individual component may interrupt the whole concatenation. Making a successful metropolis is an everlasting procedure which requires uninterrupted injection of resources and reappraisals.

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