What Makes Me a True Filipino? Essay

October 22, 2017 Sociology

Harmonizing to Sociology. Filipino is a odds and ends. a mixture of crude strains ( Negrito. Ita. Aeta ) ; eastern strains ( Indonesian. Chinese. Nipponese ) and western strains ( Spanish. English. American ) . crude strains + eastern strains + western strains = A FILIPINO Therefore. we Filipinos are unified from different races. . I may state that I’m a Filipino. VALUES: Some says Filipinos are fantastic people. We are friendly. loving. caring. household oriented. loves escapades. talented. spiritual. etc. They are besides hardworking.

We are hospitable. that’s the no. 1 thing most common in our personality. We are besides reasonably people. . I may state that I’m a Filipino. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Filipinos are known for level. little or large olfactory organ ; medium or tan tegument ( kayumanggi ) ; black hair and who are little 1s etc. I may state that I’m a Filipino because I have those. We are plenty of gorgeous Filipino work forces and adult females out at that place who have alone appearances… But some are ashamed with their beauties. When you disrespect the traits of your ascendants. you are merely dissing yourself.

MANNERISM AND PERSONALITY TRAITS: Filipinos point with their lips. They eat with their manus and have it down as a technique. They nod their caput upwards to recognize person. They put their pes up on their chair and rest their cubituss on their articulatio genuss while you eat. etc I may state that I’m a Filipino. Vocabulary: Filipinos say ‘Aray’ alternatively of ‘ouch’ . They make acronyms for phrases: ‘OA’ = ham it uping. ‘DOM’ = dirty old adult male. and ‘TNT’ for… You know. They besides pronounce the ff. words: ‘Hippopo-TA-mus’ . ‘com-FOR-table’ . ‘Bro-CO-li’ . and ‘Montgo-marry Ward’ .

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Filipinos say ‘Ay’ or “Uy” alternatively of ‘oops’ etc. I may state that I’m a Filipino. Clothing AND APPEARANCE: Filipinos – There’s Angelique eyeliner and Johnson’s Baby Powder compacts skulking in your make-up drawer. They check labels on apparels to see where it’s made. Their ponytail thread covers half your caput. I may state that I’m a Filipino. These are some ways to cognize you are Filipino. It is really interesting. It is rather amusing but we must acknowledge that we are one of them. And regardless of all this. WE are FILIPINO for life.


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