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February 17, 2019 Young People

What is public health?

Public health is the discipline that addresses health at a population level. For example, public health is different from clinical medicine and paramedic disciplines such as physio therapy which deals with patients at an individual level. Public heath looks at groups of people which include sick or well people, it also can be viewed as a population, country or global.

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Identifying health needs of the population: To identify the health needs of the population a heath needs assessment is taken place in a systematic approach to ensure that the health services use the resource in the most efficient way to help improve the health of the population. For example, the government and the NHS work together to provide free contraception such as condoms to the public, this will help prevent any sexually transmitted infections/ diseases such as chlamydia also in order to prevent the spreading of viruses they provide new sterile needles in hospitals for every patient.

Promoting health of the population is essential as putting resources in place can help lower the number rate of ill people within the population for instance, provide people with free contraception, vaccination and advertisement to help make young people aware of the risks that can occur within the sexual health department.

Controlling communicable diseases immunisation can help lower the severity of the infection/disease meaning, keeping a record of all the people with a disease such as HIV and the government providing drugs best suited for their diagnoses.

Develop programmes to reduce the risk and screen for disease early on: this involves reducing poor health, which can be done by introducing programmes in order to help identify which individual are at risk of a condition, then enrol them on programmes which could help prevent the condition. For example, handing out free vaccinations to people who have not the condition to lower the risk of developing it.

Monitoring the health status of the population: to put this in place we may have to alert the public so they’re aware of the potential problems that could be around. An example of this would be working with NHS to find out how many people have condition, this will allow the NHS to monitor those individuals and take further action.

Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care: In order to determine if positive changes are being made the current provision of health should be reviewed. For instance, if hospitals do not follow the protocol put in place to reduce the risk of infections, then the government need to result to another idea.


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