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February 26, 2019 General Studies

What is responsible for our overall behaviour? Ourselves or the environment around us? Lullabies for Little Criminals written by Heather O’Neil focuses on how a corrupt environment can have an inadequate impact on ones behaviour by the society they are surrounded by. To escape the pain of her fathers absence, lack of a mother’s affection, and getting the love Baby wants from the people around her brings her to abuse drugs and alcohol and dp prostitution. Baby, also wants to find acceptance. Unfortunately, everyone she got or felt close to she lost. All of Baby’s friends had bad intentions; weather that be with doing drugs, losing their virginity at a young age, or doing absurd and dangerous things. Baby, didn’t have to do all those things; but she did so to feel belonged, loved, and accepted.

One substantial thing Baby struggled with in her life is her father’s absence. Jules, Baby’s father, yells “Go find some friends your age, okay?”(11). Jules has been absent most of Baby’s life due to his poor decision in becoming a drug addict and an alcoholic. His drug addiction got the best of him; Jules would rather be with his friends and get high rather than be a good father to Baby. Baby was forced to find friends of her own age; even though the only people she wanted to be around was Jules and his friends. Since Baby did not have a good upbringing; someone to tell her what was right and what was wrong which made her ending up making friends that had ill intentions. Her friends convinced her to do things she shouldn’t be doing at the age that she was. She got into these not because she wanted to; but because she wasn’t aware of the negative impacts those things had on her and also because she wanted to be accepted, and thought that while doing these things would make her feel more belonged and included. Alongside, with Baby’s father being absent; she also lacked her mother affection. Baby’s mother died when Baby was very young which led her to grow up without a mothers love. Baby explains “I’d grown up with men around the house and there’d never be anyone to help me match my clothes or fix my hair.”(148). “Match my clothes or fix my hair” is particularly focusing on the lack of a mothers affection Baby experienced in her life. The love and affection Baby didn’t get from her mom and most of the time Jules had Baby search for it. Baby would do anything for anyone to make her feel belonged and loved. This included talking to pimps, and getting herself into prostitution.

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