What The Word Al Qaeda Means History Essay

In this assignment the inquiry dictates, what is Al Qaeda? This is a really expansive inquiry and in order to reply it, it needs to be broken down, so I will get down with what the word Al Qaeda means, so I will seek to understand and explicate the history, and current state of affairs with Al Qaeda. I will besides travel deeper in to the deepnesss of known associates such as Osama Bin Laden, Abduallah Azzam and Ayman al- Zawahri. Finally I will seek and clarify the ideals and motivations that Al Qaeda has against the western universe.

The word Al Qaeda comes from the Arabic root qaf – ayn – dekaliter. It can intend a base, as in a cantonment or place, a foundation ; such is what is beneath a house or a pedestal that supports a column. The word or phrase ‘Al Qaeda ‘ was surely in usage by the mid 1880ss among the Islamic groups drawn from all over the Muslim universe to contend the Soviets of Afghanistan alongside the local opposition groups. However the of phrase is besides used by the most utmost elements among the groups contending in Afghanistan, peculiarly those who decide that their battle did non stop with the backdown of the Soviets from the state in 1989.

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Harmonizing to many different beginnings it is alleged that Al-Qaeda was founded about 1988 or 1989 by the Saudi Arabian activist Osama bin Laden. On 22 Febuary 1998 Bin Laden issued a fatwa declaring all American citizens legitimate marks of al-Qaeda and naming for Muslims to execute their ‘duty ‘ by killing them, therefore the professed political orientation behind Al Qaeda is to drive Americans and American influence out of all Muslim states, particularly Saudi Arabia besides to destruct Israel ; and tumble pro-Western absolutisms around the Middle East.

Bombing, assainating, commandeering, snatch, self-destruction onslaughts are some of the capableness of Al Qaeda One of the trademarks of al-Qaeda operations is coincident strikes.. The first major act of terrorist act was on the 7th August 1998 were 223 people had been killed at the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The bombing onslaughts against USA were on the 11th September 2001 killing about 3,000 people. Two commercial airliners were intentionally flown into the World Trade Center towers, a 3rd into The Pentagon, and a 4th, originally intended to aim the United States Capitol, crashed in Pennsylvania. Following the panic attacks it initiated against the USA, and theA US-led invasion of Afghanistan in October of 2001, Al-Qaeda had gone farther belowground, but they still remained active.

On the 11th March 2004 Madrid was attacked were an estimated 191 people were killed, and about 2,000 were injured. The United Kingdom was following and so on the 7th July 2005 52 had been killed when public conveyance webs were targeted by suicide bombers in the biggest terrorist onslaught of all time committed in the UK. The bombers were all British-born Muslims who had spent clip in distant ‘training cantonments ‘ in Pakistan. Finally the most recent was on the 2nd of June 2008 were Al-Qaeda claimed duty for a auto bomb against the Danish embassy in Pakistan. Six died.

Al-Qaeda ‘s leading oversees a slackly organized web of cells. It can enroll members from 1000s of “ Arab Afghan ” veterans and groups around the universe. Its substructure is little, nomadic, and decentralized-each cell operates independently with its members non cognizing the individuality of other cells. Local secret agents seldom know anyone higher up in the organisation ‘s hierarchy.

Therfore Al-Qaeda differs significantly from more traditional terrorist organisations. It does non depend on the sponsorship of a political province, and, unlike the PLO or the IRA, it is non defined by a peculiar struggle. Alternatively, al-Qaeda operates as a franchise. It provides fiscal and logistical support, every bit good as name acknowledgment, to terrorist groups runing in such diverse topographic points as the Philippines, Algeria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Kashmir.

Contrary to popular belief, funding for al Qaeda does non come from the personal assets of Bin Ladin but from a complex fundraising web fueled by fiscal facilitators and amused Islamic charity contributions. It is believed that they chiefly relied on imaums at mosques who diverted compulsory charitable contributions known as zakat to al Qaeda. It is besides really possible that they received money from persons in corrupted charities. After the money has been raised and colleced it is moved by hawala a traditional, trust-based method for the transfering of financess, or by messengers. There is small grounds that Bin Ladin or any high-level Al Qaeda leaders used Bankss during this clip period in Afghanistan, although hawaladars under Als Qaeda may hold used Bankss to travel and keep money.

Another alleged method is through the path of drug smuggling, harmonizing to the Ameraican DEA, groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have resorted to smuggling through Africa, since it has become more hard to transport cocaine straight to Europe and the U.S. , it has been supposed that they are acquiring aid with their condemnable activities by Al-Qaeda. However Despite claims to the contrary, the 9-11 committee found no grounds that al-Qa’ida funded itself through narcotics, struggle diamonds or stock market use timed to onslaughts.

Every concern needs hard currency flow, and Islamic panic is no exclusion. Across the universe, al-Qa’ida is turning to drug smuggling and aggressively stepping up nobbling and extortion to stop up the spread in its fundss caused by a ferocious international crackdown on its original beginnings of hard currency.

The supposed leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia around 1957 to a male parent of Yemeni beginnings and a Syrian female parent. His male parent, Mohammed bin Laden, founded a really successful building company and became a billionaire. Bin Laden left Saudi Arabia in 1979 to contend against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, he founded the Maktab al-Khidimat ( MAK ) , which recruited combatants from around the universe and imported equipment to help the Afghan opposition against the Soviet ground forces. He supported the Afghan opposition, which became a jehad, or holy war. Ironically, the U.S. became a major protagonist of the Afghan opposition, or mujahidin, working with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to put up Islamic schools in Pakistan for Afghan refugees. The Afghan jehad was backed with American dollars and had the approval of the authoritiess of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These schools subsequently evolved into practical preparation centres for Islamic groups.

After the Soviet backdown in 1989, bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia and worked in his household ‘s building concern. He founded an organisation to assist veterans of the Afghan war, many of whom went on to contend in Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia, and the Philippines. Scholars have suggested these slackly affiliated sets of seasoned soldiers, ready to contend for Islamic causes, organize the footing of bin Laden ‘s current support. In 1990, in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Saudi authorities allowed American military personnels to be stationed in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden was infuriated that non-believers were stationed in the place of birth of Islam. He besides charged the Saudi government with diverting from true Islam. Bin Laden was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991 because of his anti-government activities. He finally wound up in Sudan, where he worked with Egyptian extremist groups in expatriate.

Bin Laden has besides said that he wishes to unify all Muslims and set up, by force if necessary, an Islamic state adhering to the regulation of the first Caliphs.According to bin Laden ‘s 1998 fatwa, it is the responsibility of Muslims around the universe to pay holy war on the U.S. , American citizens, and Jews. Moslems who do non mind this call are declared deserters

Although al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden have become virtually synonymous, bin Laden does non run the organisation single-handedly. His top adviser is Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda ‘s theological leader and bin Laden ‘s likely replacement. Al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian sawbones from an upper-class household. He joined the state ‘s Islamist motion in the late seventiess. He served three old ages in prison on charges connected to the blackwash of Anwar Sadat, during which clip he was tortured. After his release he went to Afghanistan, where he met bin Laden and became his personal doctor and adviser. He was likely instrumental in bin Laden ‘s political development.

Al-Zawahiri is suspected of assisting form the 1997 slaughter of 67 foreign tourers in the Egyptian town of Luxor and was indicted in connexion with the bombardment of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. In 1998, he was one of five Muslim leaders to subscribe on to bin Laden ‘s declaration naming for onslaughts against U.S. citizens. He is wanted by the FBI and has been sentenced to decease by Egypt in absentia. In March 2004 the Pakistani military began an assault on al-Qaeda military personnels along the Pakistan-Afghanistan boundary line. These military personnels were believed to be supporting al-Zawahiri, who managed to get away.

Another cardinal member of Al Qaeda is Abdallah Azzam ; he earned a grade in Sharia from the Sharia College of Damascus University in 1966. In 1973 he received a Ph.D. in Islamic law from al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest, most respected, and most influential institute of higher acquisition in the Muslim universe. Besides Azzam, whilst lecture in Islamabad, supervised the PhD thesis of Mullah Krekar, who went on to be the leader of Kurdish terrorist administration Ansar al-Islam.

He used the word Al Qaeda to depict the function he envisaged the most commited of the voluntaries playing one time the war against the Soviets was over. Azzam surely saw Al Qaeda as a base, but a base that was to be composed of persons committed to the cause who would, through the cumalative weight of their actions, instigate great alteration.

. He was besides known as the alleged sanctum advisor of bin Laden. He founded the Mujahedin Service Bureau in order to give assistance to those contending in Afghanistan. Many frequent elements in bin Laden ‘s declarations duplicate the thoughts Azzam expressed in plants such as Defence of the Muslim Lands.But this was non plenty to fulfill Azzam ‘s combustion desire for jehad, aA desire that inspired him eventually to travel to the frontline. In 1980, attracted by the jehad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, Azzam went to Pakistan to introduce himself with the motion ‘s leaders.

Azzam ‘s hallmark motto was, “ Jihad and the rifle entirely: no dialogues, no conferences and no duologues. ”

This message, breathtaing in its expansivity, played an of import function in the ideological formation of bin Laden, Al Zawahiri, Mullah Krekar and many other Islamic groups. He was killed in Peshawar, PakistanA in 1989 by a monolithic detonation while he and his boies were on their manner to Friday prayers.A

There are many positions expressed when speaking about Al Qaeda, is it an Islamic extreamist group that have really rigorous positions upon the western universe? Or is it an administration which net incomes from its name because it has the installations that can make panic and anorchy

It is about obvious that the general population read and believe positions expressed by victims and so therfore it can be just to propose that they will be biased, they have evrey right to be biased because they have suffered but is it sensible to



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