What Types of Legislation May or May Not Be Affected by the Aging Population

In this report you will find out the diversity in the history of Native American. As information was gathered you will find out how the Native American experienced the racism throughout the United States. The other information that you will find out is what the issues and the concerns throughout the American history in culture, political and the social standings that the Native American society.

Also you find out what legislation meant to constrain the Native Americans within the prejudicial boundaries and what was enacted in the various groups that fight this legislation. Even though there is racism against the Native American you will find out how they over come the history of racism in the United States until now. Native Americans As a newspaper reporter I have gathered information about the Native Americans that needs to inform the public. According to www. dosomething. org//httpsandtools/racismagainst-native-americans that the “discrimination against the Native Americans is the longest held racism in the United States”.

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The discrimination is dated back when the pilgrims came to the North America Territory and invaded their land. They fought over not just the land, but food and water rights. With the conflicts, issues, problems the pilgrims started stereotyping the Native Americans as merciless Indian savages and with their religion different it was one of their issues that they had. The Native Americans believe that the pilgrims went to their land and take it away, and that is what they did. The pilgrims with the ulture, ethnic and their social skills they didn’t understand the Native Americans and their ways and the same thing with the Native Americans. When the “pilgrim obtained the North American territory as the United States it took several series of wars and massacres” that had forced the Native American to be regulated to several reservations. During this transaction they were forced to attend residential school system which the pilgrims “sought them to be reeducated within the settler American values, culture and economy” (www. osomething. org//httpsandtools/racismagainst-native-americans).

As time went by the Native Americans were harshly affected by being institutionalized racism and they still are today. According to the information that was gathered there are 317 reservations and they are being threatened by the environment hazards. Within the reservations they have their own Indiana tribal had set forth a government within “the constitution, treaties, statues, executive orders and court decisions”(http://www. fws. ov/nativeamerican/L_T_History. html ). The United States has an unique legal relationship with the tribal government. Our federal government has enacted numerous statues and promulgated numerous regulations that established and has a defined trust relationship within the tribes. As of today our nation recognizes the right of the Indian tribe as a self-government. As they are dependent nation they exercise their authority that they have over their members and territory.



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