Whether Students Take a Part Time Job or Not

April 23, 2018 Communication

The cost of living is getting more expensive day by day. For this reason, many students in Saigon University choose to get a part-time job to deal with potential expenses. I myself am a student, occasionally I also wonder whether should or should not get a part-time job. Naturally, each of us has different ways of thinking, to me, I think you should get a part-time job. It not only helps you in present life but it is also very necessary to your life in general and your work in particular in the future. Part-time jobs make students much more financially independent.

With the help of the money earned in the jobs, some scholarship money and student loan, many students are able to afford the tuition as well as other fees required in university. It may be the first time they support themselves financially. According to a survey conducted by College S&L, a college counseling company, more than 60 % of the students in universities and colleges have a part-time job either on or off campus, and 45% of them are able to pay for the tuitions by themselves with a little help from school.

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Taking part-time jobs is one step closer to an adult life for the students, who are very excited about the idea of being free from parents and live by themselves. Besides , working a part-time job helps you gain more experiences, too. This means getting more opportunities to meet new people, you will obtain more relationships; it is very useful to you. In addition, you will have many chances to learn soft skills such as communication skill, team work skill, persuasion skill, that will help you to recognize you strength and weak points before you work a full-time job.

For example, a student tutor can have chance to practice to be a teacher in future; student working in a restaurant may taste the bitter and sweet of being a waitress and will have new respect for the occupation. Also she can learn some culinary skills and make friends with various kinds of people including the chef, other waitresses, and many customers . And according to a survey conducted by Tshing hua University 75. 62% freshmen in the firms that are top in China are people who have working experience.

More 40. 2% of them have worked in variety of companies when they are college students. So undoubtedly, part time job provide us with experience and enables us to apply what we learn into practice. Although working while studying in a university may influence the students’ academic performance. The students may not have enough time left to do the assignments sometime and he/ she may feel tired after the job and have no energy left to study. However, this is a challenge that the students have to face.

They have to learn to balance working with studying and form a new living habit. In order to keep up in both their study and work they have to be more self-motivated. And once the students achieve this they also gain a sense of accomplishment. They become more confidence in themselves and more courageous for the challenges that the future holds in store. In summary, I agree with getting a part time job mainly because we can earn extra money, learn to arrange time and obtaining experience.


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