White Privilege: Reflection Paper Essay

August 8, 2017 Medical

Abstract This paper is about my contemplation of White Privilege in the United States. I got my information from four resources. The first resource was the press release provided for this assignment ; White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. by Peggy McIntosh. The 2nd resource was the web site. World Wide Web. jstor. com. Access is provided via Northeastern State University as a resource for peer-reviewed articles. Third. the text edition. Cultural Diversity. by Jerry Diller was used as a resource. The 4th resource is the most of import. in my sentiment. That resource is my head.

This is an opinion/reflection paper ; therefore the head of the writer is most decidedly important. The paper is a contemplation of how I feel after reading Peggy McIntosh’s press release. White Privilege: Reflection Paper Race is evidently still a immense issue within the United States. Not merely do we hold racism against people of colour. but white people are coming into more racism and hatred than of all time before. The ground for this is because the rapid alterations in what race is the bulk and what race is the minority. Minorities. classified as those of any race other than non-Hispanic. single-race Whites. presently constitute about a 3rd of the U.

S. population. harmonizing to Census figures. But by 2042. they are projected to go the bulk. doing up more than half the population. By 2050. 54 per centum of the population will be minorities. ( CNN. 2008 ) Racism is thought to merely be white people. because of power. against all other races. Now yearss. you see racism against Whites as good. I would hold to differ with the idea of white privilege. In this twenty-four hours in age. we all acquire our certain privileges. It’s true that fifty or sixty old ages ago there was an issue with white privilege. but I candidly think that there is no such thing now.

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We live in a state where everyone has the same opportunities. Some have harder roads to go down. and I’m non traveling to state that some don’t have it easier than others. I nevertheless do non experience that it is largely Whites that have it easier than coloured people. I know many white people who have struggled their full life with hatred. society. economic sciences. etc. I know many coloured people who have had a great privileged life. It goes manus in manus. Due to the lives that our households before us lead. we will be given different waies to success. Although they are different. we all can accomplish the same ends.

I am a immense protagonist of assisting out people who truly need aid. but I am besides a immense protagonist of acquiring off of press releases and assisting your ain ego. It’s truly difficult to see our state turning to be a welfare state. The fighting is true for all races. so no 1 should experience obliged to be taken attention of. or given things merely because they are a minority. “Few white are cognizant of the benefits they receive merely from being white and that their actions. without malicious purpose. may sabotage the wellbeing of people of colour. ” ( Puldio. 2000 ) What about the other manner around?

There are many privileges that people of colour get that white people have no opportunity at acquiring. For case. when I was 19. I had to hold pre-cancerous lesions removed from me. I had no medical insurance. so the infirmary forced me to use for a medical card. I called to see what I needed to make. The lady on the phone was ill-mannered. impatient. and uncaring. She asked me three simple inquiries. First inquiries was. are you a minority? Second inquiry was. are you pregnant? Third inquiry was. are you a individual female parent? My reply. to all three inquiries. was no.

She responded with a laugh saying that I decidedly did non measure up for one. and I didn’t measure up for any other aid either. So even though I was 19. a full-time above norm college pupil. a full-time worker. and had pre-cancerous lesions I didn’t qualify because I wasn’t a minority. pregnant or a individual female parent. That is awful. If anyone deserved it. it was me. I had worked since 16. and had paid money into the systems that were now denying me aid. Although the minority. pregnant. uneducated people of the universe could acquire all the free aid they applied for.

Like I said. I do agree with assisting those in true demand of aid. However. there are excessively many people who are cradle to sculpt public assistance receivers. and that merely isn’t right. Somewhere in the system at that place needs to be a plan in helping those to acquire off of the system. Harmonizing to Peggy McIntosh. her grounds for experiencing that Whites have privileges were legitimate ground. like I said. 50 or sixty old ages ago. For case. “I can turn on the telecasting or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.

” ( McIntosh ) This is a true statement for all races. The United States has done a good occupation at seeking to expose all races every bit in public broadcast medium and publication. She besides says that if she was to travel. her neighbours would more than probably be pleasant with her. This besides isn’t true for white people. I lived in a predominately white little town. and my neighbour lawfully hated my household. I ne’er knew why. but she would make things that were unsafe to my household. The lone thing we could believe of was because we were Catholic. That’s the lone thing that was different about us.

We even had African American neighbours besides. and this lady was nice to them. One clip she even lit a lucifer and threw it in a heap of mulch that was five pess from our front door. These types of things happen to everyone. and everyplace. The 1 that gets me the most. from the article. was “I can worry about racism without being seen as self-interested or self-serving. ” ( McIntosh ) This statement is so untrue for white people. Anytime we talk about anything that has to make with encompassing our white civilization. we are puting back other races.

If white people had an organisation similar to the NCAAP. it would be racialists. and politically wrong. Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton have made racism against inkinesss and whites a more prevailing issue. because they make every small thing about race. Even political relations is all about racism. “The effects of turning up in a racialist system embed racist idea and behavioural forms deep indoors. ” ( Eichstedt. 2001 ) Although I do non hold that white privilege is an issue. I do believe that racism. among all races. is really much still an issue.

It’s non merely white people who are racist and bias. There is racism and bias against all. When you connect racism with power. you must reassess the power that is being talked about. Fear is power. I lived in a town where the African Americans would utilize fright to command us. White people “knew” / feared non to travel east past the railway paths after dark. White people “knew” / feared to ne’er play hoops at the eastside tribunals. White misss “knew” / feared to non look at black mean because the black adult females wouldn’t have it.

These black people would travel around utilizing white derogatory names with no effects due to fear. As with everything. there are ever exclusions. but for the most portion that was what went on in the town that I lived in. while turning up. This power by fright can come in all forms and sizes. Racism comes from all races against all races. It is non something that lone white people can be. As antecedently mentioned. race is. and unluckily. likely will ever be an issue in the United States. “Human existences go to great lengths to avoid new grounds that is contrary to bing beliefs and biass.

” ( Diller. 2011 ) The differences in other civilizations tend to gross out or frighten others that do non understand it. My solution. with most issues that society faces. is instruction. The more people can larn about others. the better we can get down to non fear differences. One manner to assist this job might be to do high school course of studies include two or three civilization diverseness categories. All in all. if we were more unfastened to cognizing what it meant by others actions and behaviours. we would more than probably become more accepting of it.

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