White Trash Primer Essay

May 10, 2018 General Studies

From the move, the family went from wing a farm and selling corn and soy beans, to a family that was forced to work at Wall-Mart. Depression eventually takes over the girl’s life and her lifestyle changed dramatically. Lack Of money, rape, and loneliness filled the girl’s life which caused her to think of herself as being ‘White trash. ” Johnson states that she wants to “put metropolitan ideas about what it means to be rural into sharp belief'(Lori M. Myers). This memoir is a must read for any student that is capable of comprehending this material.

Not only does this Tory give another look at the reality of being poor, but it also helps the audience stop their judgment of people that are suffering all around them. Johnson offers a great story that is both devastating and inspiring. It is depressing to know the struggles that the main character was forced to go through, but inspiring to see the main character overcome the daily obstacles she was forced to deal with. While writing this piece, Johnson decided to use the Second person point of view for a variety Of reasons.

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She 2 wanted her audience to feel as if she was talking directly to them and to make he audience feel as if they were the person that was having to deal with these difficult times. Not only did this technique force the readers to feel saddened from the circumstances, but is also made them feel many other different emotions like surprise, sadness, hatred, and contentment. The many different emotions that a person feels from the story come from within their own minds and souls. This memoir is a great piece for everyone to read because it offers a solution to many emotional problems that a reader may be having.

For example, if a lady that is going through similar problems in her fife, she will feel as if she is not alone. This memoir might give that lady the little inspiration that she needed to help her get back up on her feet and try to succeed in her life. This memoir can also give a reader a completely different look at the world that they are living in. If a coldhearted, successful businessman picks up this piece and reads it, he might change his kick on the poor. Instead of seeing the poor as being “white trash”, he might be able to see them as any ordinary person that is simply going through a rough time in their lives.

Since everyone lives are so different, believe Johnson was trying to write this piece to help suit everyone emotional needs and she succeeded in doing so. Johnson states that she “loved the way it (the piece) straddled so many genres: poetry, essay, memoir, nonfiction, drama, short short fiction”(Amanda Chatter). Like she stated, her piece covered many different genres which attracted all different types of readers. Johnson believes that every reader takes something different from her piece, for this, she is grateful.

This memoir was a non fictional piece of work for Johnson. Many of he events that she wrote about happened in her life while she was growing up. Life was difficult for Johnson, but she was only looking for someone to take her seriously. “The whole time I was working at Wall-Mart, or 3 selling steaks door to door, or panhandling on a subway platform in Manhattan, or working in warehouses, what I really wanted was for someone to take me seriously’ said Johnson in an online interview. She proves to be very proud Of this particular memoir.

While reading “White Trash primer,” it made me realize that one can not judge others by their appearance nor by heir actions because people have no idea what others have gone through. Another great thing I took away from reading this memoir is that everyone looks at the same things, but in different ways. For example, the main character in Johnny’s memoir constantly went into Wall-Mart looking for a job. After applying six times, she finally got hired. Some might have seen her as being a pest or an interruption to the other employees, while others saw her as being a determined individual that knew what she wanted.

Everyone saw the same lady walking into the store, but all of their impressions were ere different. Learning that everyone sees the world in a different manner then led to me wanting to be kind-hearted woman to everyone that I meet. Impressions are everything, so it is better to give a person the benefit of the doubt since their life stories are not revealed at the time they are seen. The last lesson I took away from reading Johnny’s piece is a person can go from living a comfortable life without the amenities, but with all the necessities, to a life where there is nothing at all.

There are certain events that happen in your life that can change your life completely. Johnson is not the only person who is extremely satisfied with this piece. Many of her readers feel the same joy. One of her readers by the name of Claudia Ranking writes on an online blob saying: was riveted by this piece-?written with the haunting interiorly of poetry and the compelling drive of prose. Much like being caught in a novel by Faulkner or Morrison, I found myself thinking about large important issues without initially understanding how Lacy Johnny’s language carried me there. 4 Another reader, Melissa J.

Telluride, writes: A haircut. A breakfast. A ride to school. An adolescent transgression. Lacy M. Johnson etches indelibly the texture of a life that is lovely, horrifying, and hallowed. Her writing is a marvel: a micro-sectioning of the simplest memory, a peeling and lifting of each layer to reveal new truths that the reader keeps recognizing. Focusing on being defined by class, Johnson simultaneously transcends it and presents us a primer on how to see as humans. From seeing all of the positive feedback from this memoir, I felt that this piece was truly a great piece since I wasn’t the only person who enjoyed reading it.

Johnson seems to have positive support from her readers, so this must encourage her to continue on with her writing. All in all, recommend for everyone to read this memoir because it is written in a way that can change a person’s life. From reading this memoir, a person has nothing to lose, but can gain a new lifestyle, way of thinking, or even a better personality. With this memoir in a person’s mind, kindness can emerge even in the darkest of all people. This memoir is all about memories and seeing one another as being equal. As Lori M.


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