Why Aliens Are Real

September 20, 2018 Economics

All around the world, there’s one topic a lot of people talk about. Some people talk about economics, some talk about pop culture. The topic I’m going to be addressing is why I think Aliens are real. Throughout time, there has been many things that make us believe they are real, like the Roswell Incident. A quick recap of what happened was that what is thought to be a UFO crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. The U. S.

government then took the UFO and told everyone that what the crash was just debris from the crash of an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to what was then a classified (top secret) program named Mogul. This may seem unlikely and unrealistic, as if coming from a movie, but that is because this inspired many alien movies to prop up. This might be one of or maybe the most famous alien incidents ever reported, but there is a more believable one and that is “The Wow Signal”. In 1977, The Big Ear radio telescope in Ohio State University picked up an unusual signal.

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The Big Ear used number and letters to identify the strength of a signal, 0 being nothing, Z being a strong radio signal. One time, a signal came in reading ‘6EQUJ5’ from what seemed to be an empty spot in space. Dr. Jerry R. Ehman recognized this and was completely shocked, so he circled the signal in the data sheet and wrote next to it “Wow! ”, giving the signal it’s name. The closest star to where the signal came from was 220 million light years away, meaning the signal came from out of no where.

It is believed that this signal was transmitted by aliens, but we still have no actual proof it is. Now, the bible does say we are the only planet with living beings, but think about this, how big is space? We have no clue of how big it is because it is that big. Being that big, wouldn’t there be a possibility that there is a world that has living beings in it? What if the society on that planet is more advanced in technology than ours and the reason they were able to send the signal was because of a super strong radio signal they aimed at us from some machine they made?

that possibility is there and i honestly believe that is the truth. I feel like we are aliens to them and they are trying to communicate with us. Space is so enormous, we can’t make decisions of what is out there yet. It is like reading the beginning of a novel and declaring you know exactly what the story is about without reading it. We still have a lot to explore about space, so until we examine every single star, moon, planet, galaxy, anything that is out there, you can’t say aliens don’t exist because they very well could.


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