Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls

December 10, 2016 November 13th, 2018 Free Essay Topics

Through genes males and females are physically different, but are their roles already set out for them What is the cause of this Boys are supposed to play with action figures, and girls are supposed to play with a doll. I believe that it?s society that imposes or positions what males and females should or should not do.

Similarly and agreeably, in Katha Pollitt?s essay, she claims that instead of looking at kids to prove that differences in behavior by sex are innate, we can look at the ways we raise kids as an index to how unfinished the feminist revolution really is, and how tentatively it is embraced even by adults who fully expect their daughters to enter previously male-dominated professions and their sons to change diapers.

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To summarize Pollitt’s essay “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls” she talks about the cause and effect of why boys take the role of being strong and macho, and the girls play the role of beauty and gentleness. Pollitt claims that males and females? personalities and behaviors are derived from social conditioning, and that there is no need to do studies on brain chemistry or activity.


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