Why Fahrenheit 451 should not be banned Essay

September 12, 2017 Communication

Dear School Board. I hope that after careful consideration and thought that the board will make up one’s mind non to censor Fahrenheit 451. I understand that the book contains linguistic communication that might be violative to some people. Still. I do non believe a pupil should be sent to a public school if they are easy offended by profanity. Fahrenheit 451 should non be banned. because profanity is already platitude in school. it has educational content. and the book shows some chilling disclosures of the hereafter.

I think that censoring the book. because of profanity would be really dry. There is an inordinate sum of profanity used in public school. So parents should non direct their childs to public schools if they have a job with profanity. Besides the sarcasm of desiring to censor a book that shows a universe of censoring. Colored people dont like the Little Black Sambo. so get rid of it. But if this were to go on with every book that one group of people doesnt like 1000000s of the books would necessitate to be banned. Everybody is seeking non to step on the toes of the Canis familiaris lovers. the cat lovers. physicians. attorneies. merchandisers. heads. Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss. Baptist churchs. Unitarians. second-generation Chinese. Swedes. Italians. Germans. Texans. Brooklynites. Irishmen. people from Oregon or Mexico. So I think that the School Board should non censor a book merely. because one group of people or one individual is offended. So profanity might pique one individual. but profanity is merely a portion of school that can non be eliminated.

Fahrenheit 451 is a authoritative that can be really valuable to 1s instruction. The book shows what can go on when people no longer hold a thirst for cognition. The people that have Harvard grades have to conceal in the wilderness like criminals concealing from the jurisprudence. They have walking cantonments all along the railway where they portion the cognition that they still retain. All of the intellectuals have to conceal. because they are wanted and hunted in the metropoliss. There is something to be said of this when instruction has no value and it is better to cognize nil and inquire no inquiries. Students hate their instructors now. but what if they could non larn at all. they would thirst for the cognition. The book shows what can go on when there is a deficiency of instruction.

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Fahrenheit 451 shows some really chilling and sensible disclosures for what might go on to the hereafter of this state and universe. Ray Bradbury negotiations of atomic wars. parlour telecastings. and the censoring of books. Bradbury negotiations of the state holding two atomic wars. Then all of the people in the metropolis have full wall telecastings that enclose them during their off clip. The people in the metropolis merely sit around and watch Television. they fidget and look nervously. when the Television is off.

This shows what is already go oning with childs as they come place and watch Television and play picture games all twenty-four hours. Society is besides censoring books. because it offends one group of people. Schools are censoring books. because they offend parents. Some of these books that are being banned have a strong literature value. When newspapers disappeared no 1 missed them. Merely one pupil signed up for play category. demoing how when people dont have to travel or necessitate to acquire an instruction they dont. It is really easy for people to acquire sucked up in electronics and they become zombis with small emotions.

If the school board wants to censor Fahrenheit 451 they would be doing an irrational determination based on one parents concern. The book has a good educational value and shows some good and bad disclosures toward the hereafter of society. To censor the book would be the exact same as firing the book.


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