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May 30, 2018 General Studies

The short second life of bree tanner the story is about bree tanners short life as a newborn vampire and her experiences as a member of the seattle newborn army. She meets some new vampire groupies and starts hunting with them and becomes friends with diego one of the groupies. They gradually fall in love with each other through the night and together discover that their able to go out in the sunlight without being fried, and that wooden stakes don’t kill them, on the contrary to what riley biers, who was made straw boss of the army, has told them about sunlight being deadly to vampires. oth bree and diego are unsure whether or not if they can trust riley. after awhile bree and diego start to get really unsure about the other newborns and there selves they start to wonder if there here to serve a certain purpose or just be slaves for them. so diego decides to confront riley but doesn’t return leaving bree worried and confused. Riley starts preparing the newborns for the battle with the Cullens, claiming that for four days a year it is safe for vampires to walk in sunlight.

He tells Bree that he has sent Diego on a reconnaissance mission, and that they will shortly be reunited. Unbeknowst to her, Diego has actually been tortured to death by Victoria and Riley. The day of the battle, Fred, also known as ‘Freaky Fred’, a particularly gifted member with the power to create a repulsing shield around himself, tries to convince Bree to escape with him. He, like her and Diego, has suspected Riley and Victoria’s intentions to let the newborns die in battle, personally destroying any survivors, and suggests that they leave before the fight starts.

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Bree refuses, however, still mistakenly believing Diego to be alive and waiting for her. Fred then takes off on his own to explore the world. Upon reaching the battlefield, she discovers that the newborn army has been decimated by the combined efforts of the Cullen family and the Uley pack and that they have been abandoned by Riley and Victoria. She also realizes that Diego is dead when she finds no trace of him; she then surrenders to Carlisle and Esme Cullen when they offer her asylum, and is taken to the ield where the main fight took place and held captive. The rest of the Olympic coven arrive along with Bella Swan, just as the Volturi turn up. Bree struggles to resist Bella’s scent, but manages. Jane tortures Bree for information about her creation and the newborn army; the Cullens offer to take her in. Jane disallows it and Felix executes Bree by tearing her apart and burning the pieces. Bree bravely faces her death and doesn’t resist.


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