Why I Am Learning English Myself English Language Essay

August 17, 2017 English Language

I ‘m larning English because I want to acquire the information by myself which have non been interpreted yet. In the universe many information have n’t been interpreted. I like American films, comedies and Television play. So when I want to acquire a batch of information about those, it is better to be able to understand English, which is a common linguistic communication of the universe, than to be non able to. If I could acquire much information, I can be more gratifying those amusements and portion the information about those things with people all over the universe who have same involvements. The 2nd ground of larning English is to last in other states. I like a trip abroad. In other states I frequently have many problems. For illustration, conceive of that you go shopping in other state. If you ca n’t talk English, you may be non able to purchase things which you need because you ca n’t state a clerk what you want to purchase. Bing able to listen to and talk English is the 1 of the best manner to work out those problems. And by larning English, I can hold many opportunities to experience other civilizations and histories because English is the lone common linguistic communication of the universe. I may be able to convey up and detect new myself by cognizing other civilizations and histories. So, larning English is of import thing for understanding many civilizations and histories. This is the last ground. So I am larning English.

The accomplishment of English I would wish to beef up most is listening and talking. When I was a high school pupil, I stayed an Australian household ‘s house for a month. I was full of assurance with my English accomplishment. However, I could n’t listen to what they were stating. And even when I could make, I could n’t talk because I did n’t cognize the right grammar and was afraid of doing a batch of errors. Now I ‘m so regretting because I did n’t take advantage of the opportunity to smooth my English accomplishment. So I think that listening to and talking English are the most of import things for me. There are two ways of bettering my hearing accomplishment. One manner is listening to American music with understanding words and agencies. And another manner is watching American films with concentrating on sound of speech production. I do n’t wish analyzing, so I want to bask analyzing. These ways of bettering hearing accomplishment are the best for me. And for bettering speech production accomplishment, I speak with myself, the wall or the mirror about what happened at the twenty-four hours or what I think. This manner of practising talking accomplishment may be unusual, but I think that this manner is really effectual to smooth speech production accomplishment. I was taught this pattern manner by my English instructor, who I respected. Thankss to him, I had a great involvement in analyzing linguistic communications and other states civilizations and came to like English. And thanks to him, I could go through the test of Osaka University, where I wanted to come in for a long clip. So I believe the manner of analyzing which he taught to me.

Now I am interested in Korean graven image vocalists and Korean play. At first, I wondered why Nipponese people were absorbed in the civilization. However, the more I get to cognize about it, the more I come to wish it. Korean graven image vocalists non merely are fine-looking but besides sing and dance really good. And most of them can talk their female parent lingua and many foreign linguistic communications. They are difficult to analyze everything. Therefore they are more absorbing than Nipponese idol vocalists. Korean play are different from Nipponese one. Most Nipponese play are ordinary love play, but building of narrative of Korean play is interesting because subjects take assorted signifiers. We can larn difference of the civilization between Japan and Korea from play. I think that when I study the civilization and the usage about a state, the best manner to cognize about them is to populate in the state, but it is hard. So, seeing a play is a good manner because we can happen a life manner of people who live in the state. And by being interested in Korean graven image vocalists and play, I get to desire to cognize about the state, Korea, and larn about the Korean linguistic communication. Therefore, I ‘m larning about Korean history and the Korean linguistic communication by oneself. Learning other civilization is really fun. So, I ‘m interested in Korean graven image vocalists and Korean play.

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