Why is Black History Month Imp

January 16, 2017 History

Why is Black History Month Important?.

I believe that Black History Month is important because many American are ignorant of their past and they need to be informed. African-Americans have been a significant part of American history from the creation to present. They were some of the first people to this country as well as they were the people that set up the infrastructure of this country. The south surly would have fallen in to a recession since there were not enough workers to perform the numerous and hard work done by African-Americans. Also the African-.

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American has fought in ever war that United States has been from the Revolutionary War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. .

There have been many famous, powerful, and crucial African-Americans. Many inventions and discoveries have been made by African-Americans that have changed not only the United States but the World.

There has also been plenty of suffering that the African-Americans have endured throughout the centuries. .

My aunt is a school teacher in Missouri. She has told me that one time she was teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. and was asking her students who he was and one kid said, “Isn’t he a movie actor” and another said, “No, he is a sports player”. I think this is shocking because they don’t even know how they got all the freedom for example go to a good integrated school. In another model of pure ignorant is on radio show a listener call in a said, “I don’t see why the blacks are mad at because they have been such a drain on our society.”.

That’s why I believe that Black History Month is important so even one can be inform of the great moments the African-Americans in history, the hardships we have been put through, and how African-American culture has influence the world.


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