Why Is It Important to Learn Child Development Essay

August 13, 2017 General Studies

To supply effectual acquisition and turning experiences for kids and babes it is critical to hold the apprehension and cognition of how kids develop through-out their childhood old ages. `Early childhood surveies 2007 Mary Wild p34` quotes that “ without some theoretical understanding the danger is that. at best. we do things in peculiar ways out of professional wont and thereby run the hazard of non supplying as worthwhile a learning experience as we could”

Analyzing Child Development enables us to be prepared for the expected and even unexpected: behaviour. physical. societal and emotional alterations that will take topographic point in many phases during a child’s life. This will guarantee we are supplying the right attention and concern that we are capable of while working with kids of all natures. From the babes to yearlings to juniors. each of them separately go through different phases and sequences in development which in bend need a batch of attending and encouragement every bit good as the apprehension and cognition of merely how kids develop.

There are professionals called theoreticians that develop theories on the apprehension of kid development. they produce presentations in order to demo the scientific. philosophical and conjectural side of kids. One of the first people to go a theoretician was a adult male named Jean Piaget born in Switzerland in 1996. He avowed that” there are four chief phases from birth to adulthood theses are ; sensoirmotor phase. preperational phase. concrete operational phase and formal operations phase. As a early old ages pupil we can besides bring forth our ain sentiment on the theories by detecting a chosen kid in arrangement and comparing them to the theory’s. Not all people agree with them. `How Children Learn 2008 Linda Pound p38` suggests that “Piaget’s involvement was chiefly in how kids learn as opposed to what or when they might learn”

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Having the acquaintance of kid development will enable be aftering the appropriate drama and acquisition activities for kids suited to their age. capableness and their personal cognition. . This will ensue in the publicity of kid development in all chief countries including: physical. communicating. originative and societal. ‘Threads of thinking’ by Cathy Nutbrown 1999 p61. “suggest that drama increases educational development quotation mark: “for the youngest kids many scientific involvements begin with explorative drama. ” So by cognizing this you could be after play which is educational and physical to advance development in all countries.

Not all kids develop at the same gait. they do non all reach the expected cognitive mileposts at precisely the same clip. no 1 can really explicate or hold set regulations or day of the months about the developing kid. nevertheless by analyzing kid development it will do us more cognizant if a kid is non demoing marks of the expected form of development.

Here are a few illustrations that show merely how unpredictable a Childs development rate can be and hence one time once more reenforcing the fact that it is so of import to be knowing and cognizant of kid development: I f you were to put an object in a baby’s thenar. the baby’s fingers should shut around the object because the musculus is developing and it is a crude physiological reaction. If by the age of 15 months a babe could non make this you would so promote that kid more in that country. By the age of 11 months a babe should be able to sit unsupported on the floor once more if this was non the instance you would assist them more. by sitting them up on the floor and back uping them every bit small as needed. At 42 months a kid should be able to talk in sentences and inquire inquiries if these marks of rational development weren’t demoing you would help them in that country via. reading books allowing them take there clip to articulate the words easy. By detecting the kid you would be able to be after lessons that will hopefully promote them to acquire better in theses certain countries of development.

If you still had a concern about a kid and there was no alteration in that country of development you would so necessitate to Restrict in a specializer with all the right facts of the trouble. so they could have the right support and aid that they may necessitate. If you had non studied kid development you would non cognize that this was non normal and that the kid was holding troubles hence a kid who requires extra aid and support would non be able to have it if the job had non been identified. By analyzing kid development you aware of state of affairss like this that you may come across working with babes and kids.

In general I think the place of any individual that works in a professional early old ages environment needs to hold a superior apprehension of the theory and scientific side of kid development. without this your in danger of non been cognizant of certain fortunes that may necessitate to be dealt with expeditiously and professionally. it besides helps to give you a apprehension of `why they’re making that. why buzzword they understand this. why are they in a temper why can 1 kid make this and non another` and so on. I personally think that a individual traveling to work with kids without the consciousness and cognition of kid development is an exceptionally incorrect thing to make. they could put on the line seting kids in menace of non holding the right support for development.

Children expression to grownups for counsel it is important for a pedagogue to cognize which manner to steer them. and promote the right kid development. `Btec National Children’s Care Learning and Development 2007 by Sandy Green` puts frontward that” it can be utile to research the communicating procedure in a scope of early old ages scenes. observing the effects of the staff’s responses on the children” I believe that statement is really accurate. it’s fundamentally showing the manner an grownup function theoretical account Acts of the Apostless can impact and act upon kids. By analyzing kid development you will be witting of this and should try to move upon the right manner to act while working among immature kids and babes during their phases of development.


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