Why is Nick Carraway Fascinated in Gatsby? Essay

August 6, 2017 General Studies

Throughout “The Great Gatsby” . written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. we witness Nick Carraways obsessional captivation of Gatsby. Nick provinces at the beginning of the novel that he is morally repelled by the coarseness of all the characters he meets during his stay in New York. with the exclusion of Gatsby. Although Gatsby sometimes acts amorally like the characters around him. something sets him aside in Nicks eyes. In fact. Nick explains. Merely Gatsbywas exempt from my reaction-Gatsby. who represented everything for which I have an unaffected contempt. ( p. 2 ) Despite Gatsby being the incarnation of what Nick despises most. he finds Gatsby capturing because of his distinguishable behaviour.

Part of what machinations Nick is Gatsbys cryptic character. Nick hears many wild rumours that circulate through Gatsbys invitees. such as. Well. they say Hes a nephew or a cousin of Kaiser WilhelmIm scared of him. ( p. 32 ) One guest even claimed that He was a German undercover agent during the war. ( p. 44 ) Most of the other characters in the novel have a different sentiment of Gatsby merely because they do non cognize his true background and unlike Nick. are non interested plenty to detect his true personality.

Most people that know of Gatsby base their cognition mostly on rumours ; others merely judge Gatsby by his wealth. and most merely care about his pretentious parties. When Nick eventually meets Gatsby. he is surprised when he learns that Gatsby does non imbibe and frequently distances himself from the remainder of the helter-skelter party. As Nicks friendly relationship progresses with Gatsby. he becomes more interested in Gatsbys unknown yesteryear.

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Gatsbys extraordinary ability to turn his dreams into a world creates an eternal potency. doing Gatsby an even more interesting character. Gatsbys great wealth and success besides involvements Nick. It was an extraordinary gift for hope. a romantic preparedness such as I have ne’er found in any other individual and which it is non likely I shall of all time happen once more. ( p. 2 ) Unlike the remainder of the superficial and nonmeaningful characters in the book. Gatsby has ever strived to accomplish more and do something of his life.

Another facet that makes Gatsby attractive to Nick is his magnetic personality. Gatsbys legion war decorations. attitude. and overall visual aspect make him alone. Dent shows peculiar involvement in Gatsbys smiling and says. He smiled understandingly- much more so understandingly. It was one of those rare smilings with a quality of ageless reassurance in it ( p. 48 ) Nick is besides fascinated by Gatsby because they portion a similar background. For case. both Nick and Gatsby fought in World War I. attended universe renowned universities. and came from hapless households in the Midwest. but both have now acquired great wealth for themselves. Although Nick and Gatsby have achieved similar ends. Gatsby has done so on an wholly different degree. For illustration. Gatsby is wealthier and has been awarded many decorations for his success in World War I.

Although Nick may non ever O.K. of what he sees. Gatsbys behavior however continues to involvement him. Nick is non appalled by some of Gatsbys unethical behaviour because he is non exanimate like the other characters. doing him stand above the remainder. He tries to explicate his assorted emotions for Gatsby and says. I was within and without. at the same time enchanted and repelled by the unlimited assortment of life. ( p. 35 ) Although Nick may non see Gatsby as a function theoretical account. he finds him admirable because he is unlike any other individual Nick has observed. which is apparent in their strong friendly relationship.

Overall. Gatsbys image of an Oxford Man tainted by a notoriously cryptic background could merely involvement a true perceiver. like Nick Carraway. As he untangles Gatsbys yesteryear by seting aside extremist rumours and inquiring more direct inquiries. he begins to organize an accurate image of the true Jay Gatsby that no 1 else knows. merely promoting his wonder. In decision. Nicks attractive force to Gatsby originates from his nature to detect merely the most interesting people. in which Gatsby is the ideal


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