Why Should We Have Pets?

April 14, 2018 Sports

What are the reasons why pets should be allowed in the Marco Polo building? * Pets make loyal, lovable friends * Pets teach you how to take care of others * Pets teach you about responsibility * A pet can help you learn about animals * Playing with pets can make you feel happy * Having a pet can keep you from feeling lonely or depressed * Pets are good for your health * Your whole family can share the benefits of having a pet in your lives 2. Not only that, but let’s say someone has a dog and a cat.

Some dogs are sporty and young children like playing fetch with them especially those who have no siblings to play with. Cats on the other hand, are adored by old ladies because of their mannerisms and cleanliness. However, not just the old people can have cats, even children, teenagers, and parents can have cats as their companion too. On the other hand, I would suggest and recommend that children who are younger than the age of seven must be with an adult to watch over the pet or whatsoever. 3. Now, why are dogs are so common around the houses/buildings?

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Let’s put it in a way of saying there are many reasons to that question. Some animals such as dogs are very useful in the field of medicine. This enables epileptic people to live life normally without fear of disrupting their activities. This is particularly useful when an epileptic person is driving or handling machinery which he could lose control over. Now we do have service dogs in this building. Dogs also help the blind to navigate their way around. Dogs provide the essential service of providing security. Personal dogs provide security form intruders especially at night when human visibility is little.

Police dogs can sniff through bags at airports to detect drugs and other illegal substances; they can also track down suspects by the use of the scent that is left behind. Although, I wouldn’t recommend police dogs in the building but otherwise that’s pretty much it. 4. Not only dogs are useful but cats are too. You should consider owning a pet if there are rodents in your house or compound. Cats for instance, will eliminate all rats. Snakes can also be kept for this purpose but they are not preferred because most humans are intimidated by them.

Snakes are mostly kept in cages but I would suggest to never have them in the buildings because we would not know what will happen. Did you also ever thought of having a fish too? Oh, they are absolutely wonderful! They are as just as good as cats and dogs. If your environment is lacking in aesthetic beauty, you should consider keeping fish. Small gold fish are easy to take care of, all they need is fresh water and food. Aquariums can be of different sizes depending on the amount of fish that you keep and the space that you have. 5.

If you are a sports loving kind of person, consider keeping a dog. There is Frisbee throwing competitions where the dog recovers the Frisbee using gymnastic techniques. Whichever pet you decide to keep, remember that constant care is needed: this includes visits to the veterinary officer, cleaning and companionship. Remember that pets are domesticated wild animals and may from time to time behave in an untamed manner. You will need to have a license for most pets that you keep. So what exactly are the benefits of having a pet? Pets, especially dogs and cats, can make wonderful companions.

They can help to bring joy into your life and also help you to cope with everyday stress. Pets are great because they can teach us how to take care of something and put less focus on ourselves for the moment. They can also give us unconditional love and affection. Some people, like my friend, loves her pets so much that she treats them like they are her own children. They become like a family member. That’s why losing a pet is so hard for people like us. It is like losing a close member of your family. The benefits of having a pet are good for you both mentally and physically.

If you have a dog as a pet, you will most likely be taking that dog for walks and that will give you some exercise. I like that my friend has a dog, because the dog helps my dad to get out and get some exercise and also they’ve created such a beautiful bond between the two of them, like they are best friends. I’ve heard people say that having a pet can lower your blood pressure, calm your nerves and help with depression. I suggest that someone who feels lonely should get themselves a pet. Only adopt or purchase a pet if you feel that you can take care of it.

It would be sad for the pet to be alone all the time and not properly cared for. If you think you can handle the responsibility of owning a pet, it would be a good benefit to you. Taking care of a pet is not always an easy task though. You must provide food and water and clean up after the pet. Also, you have to make sure that the pet is healthy by taking it to the vet. You are taking care of another life. Even though they are not human, they deserve to be taken care of and treated properly. I say that taking care of my cats is a way to show my love for them.

It is well worth all the litter scooping. Haha! My friend says her cats have brought so much joy into her life. She says they are very entertaining to watch and they help to distract her mind from any problems that may be going on in her life. She says, “I swear my one cat just knows when I am upset. She paws at my bedroom door for me to let her in and she lays by my side at times when I am feeling down. Just petting her makes me feel better. ” So I say that having a pet has benefits that can help you in many ways. And I think it’s a wonderful idea!!

The benefits of owning a pet? The Benefits of Owning a Pet. Finally you’ve made it out of the office after a long day and you look forward to getting home and relaxing. What is your favorite form of relaxation? Do you have someone waiting on you at home who will be excited to see you? If you are a pet owner you know that there is a loyal friend waiting for you to walk through that door. Being a pet owner can be one of the most rewarding relationships a person can have; and as opposed to human relationships you will always get unconditional love and devotion from your pet.

Developing a strong bond with your pet can actually enhance your quality of life. Did you know that the research shows the number of American’s that own a dog, cat or some other pet are increasing every year? And scientists have been discovering the scientific proof that validates what pet owners have known all along, which are the long list of benefits of owning a pet. In today’s culture with more people striving to ways to become healthier, and the always just beyond our reach solution of a way to stay young, one solution has been right in front of us. WEBSITES I REASEARCHED FOR THIS INFO: http://www. yahoo. com * http://www. google. com * http://www. aol. com * Health & Physical Benefits: * Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in general and therefore reducing one’s risk of heart disease * Reduces the number of visits to a doctor (particularly with seniors) * Pet owners experience fewer headaches, less difficulty sleeping and fewer bouts of indigestion * Pets, especially dogs, provide a source of exercise for its owners which gives both pleasure * Increases the longevity in heart attack victims * Cancer patients have shown remarkable improvement. Dr.

Edward Cregan, a professor at the Mayo Clinic Medical School has regularly “prescribed” pets to his cancer patients * Hormonal benefits are the increase in endorphins (also known as a runner’s high); second is an increase in serotonin, which alters and controls depression; and third the decrease in the amount of stress hormone Cortisol that is produced * Pets encourage their owner’s to get more exercise * Studies show arthritic patients can benefit from owning a small dog or cat, and that stroking the pet has a calming effect on their inflammation Physiological ;amp; Emotional Effects: Owning a pet provides companionship and thereby decreasing loneliness, stimulates conversation, encourages laughter and helps improve social contact and skills * Relieves stress, and creates a balance between our minds and bodies * Studies show that visits by dogs and other animals reduce the anxiety level of hospitalized psychiatric patients. It was determined that patients in therapy sessions progressed significantly when participating in animal-assisted therapy. * Promotes the defense system against certain allergens.

Dr. Marty Becker, a veterinary correspondence and author of The Healing Power of Pets has discovered that children who are exposed to pets early in life tend to develop fewer allergic reactions by building up the body’s defense system * Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) benefit from having a large dog to play with which provides an outlet for their excessive energy * Provide emotional comfort to children whose parents are going through a divorce

If you are already a pet owner, take a moment to show him or her how much you appreciate and love them. If you are considering getting a pet, consider all the responsibilities owning a pet involves, and what type/breed of pet is best suited for you. Visit a local animal shelter you may find just the right pet that is also desperate to be rescued and find someone give their undying love! Just to say, I REALLY JUST LOVE PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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