Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor Poorer Essay

October 2, 2017 General Studies

Throughout the Article. Robert Reich negotiations about the turning spread between the upper half of society and the lower half of society. The chief storyteller of this article is the writer. Robert Reich who is stating a narrative about America’s societal categories. Reich uses a metaphor to explicate how the economic system is traveling down and up for the rich and the hapless. He says that it’s a boat we’re all in. “one droping quickly one droping more easy and the 3rd lifting steadily” ( 1 ) . Reich is mentioning to the three societal categories. the lower category. the in-between category. and the upper category. The lower category keeps acquiring poorer because of occupation loss. due to more mechanization and competition from other states that are willing to work for less money. The in-between category is sort of remaining where they are but are still traveling down economically.

This is because of machinery. which is replacing workers. lower wages because of the increased societal security the authorities is taking out for the retired. and competition from immigrants who are looking for a occupation. The upper category is making good and lifting above everyone else because they are the 1s who are believing about selling their thoughts to foreign states who couldn’t think of them on their ain. The upper category consists of applied scientists and designers who are in charge of planing and constructing the major constructions for transit and life. It is because of this that they are gaining greater wages and are acquiring richer than the center and lower categories. Reich negotiations about how these things are designed to maintain the lower category wages from dunking excessively low. But this is put into topographic point merely so they can go on purchasing the goods.

This article is wholly true. There is a turning spread between the rich and the hapless and it’s blossoming more seeable as the old ages base on balls. The rich are acquiring richer because they are the 1s taking over the lower category occupations and making what they want with them. Normally they fire all the workers and put in automatic machinery because it’s more effectual and costs less. They have besides put an addition on immigrants over the past decennary and it’s still lifting today. They come to America and they need occupations so they can back up themselves and their households. This is why there is a loss of occupations in the United States. If the economic system keeps up with this downhill slide there will be people in utmost poorness and people who are foul rich. And many of the rich people will decline to assist the hapless. even if they are more than capable of making so.

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