Why Uniforms Are a Bad Idea

April 3, 2018 General Studies

If school had school uniforms then the kids would have to wear something that they didn’t want to wear. What about the kid’s individuality if they are confined to wear something they don’t want to wear then that is destroying kids rights. “Just because we are kids that doesn’t mean that we should not be ignored” “we have rights too”. If school’s had school uniforms then it might cause problems in the student’s. Because the student’s might rebel and start to do stuff that teacher’s do when they don’t get paid enough.

Go on strike or protest, a sit in that’s when kids and sometimes teacher’s sit in and refuse to do work and they do that until they give in. so if they had school uniforms there might be problems. If the school’s had school uniforms then there could be problems with the cost. If a family was poor and The school just had a meeting about the students and them not following the dress code so they have decided to put school uniforms in to actions. But what happens if they poor family cant pay for the school uniforms.

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Will the kids get kicked out or will the kids get the uniforms and the parents will have to work until they pay off their debt to the school or what. If school’s had school uniforms then what would happen if the kids didn’t like them? Well the kids might come back and refuse to wear them. They might have taken a sewing class so they could make them different they would change them to look really good. Because some student’s (like me) I would probably not like them, not want to wear them.

So I would change them into something tighter, shorter or twisting and winding them to make them look much better If schools had school uniforms then the kids would probably not be happy. What if they just put a dress code on? Then the kids would have guide lings but they would be ably top wear what ever they want whenever they want. But with limits so they don’t go over bored and show un-needed parts of your body. So they can’t all wear the same thing because that would be a problem.

Just because some parents have to wear school uniforms doesn’t mean that kids should. Some parents have to wear uniforms so they can think that the kids have to. Well that’s not right. They chose to wear uniforms when they got a job ant they know that some have to wear uniforms. So just because they have to doesn’t make use have to. We should have to wear school uniforms when we are older when we get jobs. I learned that children from kinder garden and up have to wear school uniforms.

I mean like why would they make children in kinder garden wear school uniforms they are not breaking any rules they don’t wear inappropriate cloths they are being dressed by there parents maybe not all of them but a lot of them are. But its not like they are buying mini skirts are tube tops they are wearing overalls, dresses or shorts that like are so long they are like pants. So why make children in kinder garden to grade tree have to wear school uniforms


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