Why War? Essay

By July 18, 2017 Engineering

For many old ages. wars have been in the universe. War in any big graduated table. causes force and struggle. Although nowadays the significance of the war is altering. the importance of war is the same. Samuel indicates in his article ‘WAR’ that “War is a province of struggle affecting two or more groups of animals assailing each other in an effort to destruct the opposing force. to capture the resources of the other side. or to support resources of their ain from capture” . ( Samuel. J ) . It is considered to be an of import issue which has some contentions. Although some people assert that wars can be necessary. they are non necessary because they trigger economic depression. make wellness jobs. and the going of competition over humanity. Even though it is asserted that wars are necessary for security in the universe. they create loss of assurance between states. Some people claim that wars are of import to acquire their societal freedom. It is besides argued that any people may profit from human rights.

Wars are really harmful for human rights because at the same clip a batch of people lose their freedom. Wars cause loss of assurance between states. For illustration. USA lost people’s assurance because USA started the war with Iraq. This consequences in other large jobs such as more wars. Peoples claim that wars can be a really of import chance to acquire economic benefits such as resources and geopolitical place of states. Hanson claims in his article “THE Secret: Oil Crunch is Coming” that Muslim states stress economic systems of Western states because Muslim states have 60 per centum of oil market in the universe by 2010. ( Hanson ) Wars have far more important effects on the economic system which lead people to poverty. Wars normally will ensue in economic depression.

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Since war is the chief issue deficiency of investing and production will happen because war disbursals are really high. As Brouwer explains the biggest fiscal cost of the First World War is for Germany with 37. 775. 000. 000 Dollars. 2nd one is Great Britain with 35. 334. 012. 000 Dollars lost. ( Brouwer ) It may be claimed that wars can be necessary for political additions. but wars create several jobs. Some people claim that causes about faith may take authoritiess to affect in wars. ( H. J ) It is asserted that people may desire to acquire control of holy countries. For illustration. the Pope arranged the Crusades to acquire Jerusalem. This place goes on farther to reason that wars can be used to distribute their faith. Ambition to be the dominant power in the universe is another ground for war. and our state is the biggest illustration.

Finally. some claim that wars are necessary to better engineering with competition. but competition takes over humanity. Some claim that war speeds up engineering. It is besides asserted wars result in of import developments because people want to win any war. so they must better their scientific discipline. Wars are really harmful for scientific discipline and engineering because they destroy them at the same clip. Furthermore. if there is a war in a state. this state does non make any experiments. Competition takes over humanity because people forget that they will utilize this engineering to kill people. In decision. wars are non necessary because they result in loss of assurance. economic depression. wellness jobs and sharply competition. If wars are finished in the universe. people become happier.

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