William Saroyan

May 1, 2018 General Studies

The characters he use don’t do anything superior, just do what they usually do. Barbers cut hairs and taxi drivers drive, at first sight, it sounds boring, but actually it is not, because of the fact that he writes in his own style which is called Carotenes in literature. Sarong made his breakthrough with the story ‘The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze” in 1934. After this year, he totally became a writer and earned his money from writing until his death.

The thing that make him popular too much is the fact that he is an expert to make reader feel the DOD of his characters. His stories are usually written in a joyous-sad way, which makes them notice able at the same time. “My work is writing, but my real work is being’ he writes in his obituary and during his lifetime, he published over sixty books and one of his stories win the Pulitzer Prize but he rejected it by saying “l can’t call one of the them is better or worse than others”.

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According to Steve Haiku, who is also an American writer, Sarong was the most popular and creative author in his time and it is really hard to hose one and say “its better” for his stories. Also his book, The Human Comedy was filmed by MGM and Sarong won the Academy Award Oscar, for Best Writing Original Screen Story. Due to Paul Sicilian, who is a director and a fan of Sarong at the same time, before his death, Sarong said “Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what 7′.

Sarong wanted his heart in the Armenian highlands. A year after his death, half of his cremated remains were rearmament enshrined in the Pantheon of Greats in Yearn, Armenia and the other half was buried later, in the Rat cemetery in Fresno, California. The year 2008 was announced the Sarong Year by UNESCO, because of the fact that he was not distinguishing men due to their country, actually, due to anything. For him, notion of men is unique and there is only life, which means, we are not things which are separable due to the notions we create like regions or religions.

And this year, 2012, Stanford University announced a contest called “2012 William Sarong International Prize for Writing’ with the motto “The prize commemorates the life, legacy and intentions villain Sarong -author, artist, dramatist, composer – and is intended to encourage new or emerging writers, rather than to recognize established literary figures” To conclude, Sarong was an innovation man which can not be called as an author or dramatist, according his life sight. He was just a man who writes his stories how he likes to write, nothing less, nothing more.


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