Windows 2008 Network Services Essay

September 29, 2017 General Studies

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. What these two constructs do is acquire a alone identifier known as a ( MAC address ) from any computing machine. When the DHCP gets the MAC reference from a computing machine it provides an IP reference for that computing machine leting it to entree the Internet. When the computing machine accesses the Internet the DNS memorizes IP references of web sites that a computing machine users wishes to. The ground DNS does this is because all of the web sites have domain names. Domain names are translated to IP references. One illustration is Facebook. World Wide Web. facebook. com is 31. 13. 70. 81. Alternatively of users seeking to memorise this IP Address. it merely makes it easier to entree Facebook or even all the IP addresses that users visit. DNS makes cyberspace surfing easier merely utilizing alphabetic letters for easy entree.

For two computing machines it’s non deserving puting up a DHCP because when the two computing machines want to entree the Internet. they will be provided the first available IP reference. If you have five computing machines it would be a great thought to setup a DHCP because with puting up a DHCP you could put permissions which proctors what the other computing machines could entree the Internet for. how long they could be logged in utilizing the Internet and their activities.

Now. if there were 25 computing machines it would be perfect to hold a DHCP because each computing machine will hold its ain IP Address and the IP reference would ne’er run out. Besides. with a DHCP you could acquire permission in what any users is able to make in their specific histories between the web computing machine and you are able to supervise the day-to-day activities of each user.

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