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February 6, 2019 General Studies

“With The Old Breed” begins with the start of Eugene Sledge’s military career. Sledge started at Marion Military institute, mostly because his family pushed him to be a general for the United Stated Army. But the authors desire to serve his country in battle with the enemy before the war was over was strong enough to make him end his college career and begin anew in the Marine Corps. Already while reading this book I felt closer and more understanding of the, because I too left college in the fear that if I didn’t join now, I would never have another chance to serve my country. Eugene sledge started school at Georgia Tech to eventually become an Officer. But realizing that he would spend most of the war sitting in …show more content…
It is here that he learns the true chaos, confusion, and terror of war. His experiences from this point on in the book are something that members of any branch of service can learn from when seeking knowledge on what war is like, especially during the pacific campaign. Sledge and his company spends three days on Peleliu before they are relieved and sent to another island, but during these three days he witnesses the first aspects of war. On one occasion he witnessed a Marine kill another Marine at night after the Japanese broke through their lines. I think that this is something that unfortunately happens more often than it should on the battlefield, both in the past and modern day. Situations like that can only be avoided through a more constant focus on the situation and situational awareness. Eugene Sledge is greatly disturbed by this event and it causes him to realize the waste and cruelty of war. Although perceived by the author as a terrible thing, the Pacific Campaign showed Eugene Sledge several things a normal man usually wouldn’t notice. Throughout the book marines are seen on litter duty; volunteering to run into the midst battle with a stretcher to


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