The Help of Technology, Students Nowadays an Learn

July 10, 2017 Music

In the era of information technology exploration, information can be accessed more and more easily such as through Internet. In the past, students spent time on going to the library, searching books and reading so many books just to get a little information necessary to them or they need arrange time and place to meet their friends or teachers, tutors to ask what they wanna know. The library is also limited in sources, numbers of editions, books specialized in some aspect so students also get more difficulties.

But nowadays, with only a computer connected to Internet, students can search every kind of information of all aspects, all, no limit in space and time, therefore once student is curious to learn, the amount of information they can receive is really huge. Moreover, technology also help students to learn very quickly. The speed of transmit information is supprising. For instance, I often use google to searchi websites related to my key word. And billions of results can be found in just less than 5 seconds.

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So, you see, it can save our time much more than searching in traditional way. Also, technology provide us with many ways to share our information everywhere and everywhen. For example, we use cellphones to share info through MMS, SMS, phonecalls or even emails among friends. Or students put their lecture into their ipod, portable music player so that they can listen them whenever they want and they can, even when they are travelling or eating. So, in brief, with the help of technology, student can acess more information in an quicker way.


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