Within cultural, and geographic process in which

Within the past two decades, globalization has created a huge impact on the lives of women in developing nations. According to Moghadam globalization can be defined as “a complex
economic, political, cultural, and geographic process in which the mobility of capital,
organizations, ideas, discourses, and peoples has taken a global or transnational form. Complex ventures of economics, political and geographic territories as well as empowering feminism are legitimate ways of transnational affairs. Contribution and exchanges of goods and services are basically a definition of globalization. Women create better atmosphere on diplomatic war against poverty. With the establishment of international free trade policies, such as
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and GATT, transnational corporations
are using the profit motive to guide their factories toward developing nations in search of
“cheap” female labor. Corporations prefer female labor over male labor because
women are considered to be “docile” workers, who are willing to obey production
demands at any price. In developing nations, certain types of work, such as garment
assembly, is considered to be an extension of female household roles. Therefore,
cultural influences in developing nations also impacts employment stratification.
Bringing a high demand of employment opportunities for women in developing
nations creates an instantaneous change within the social structure of these societies.
Although the demand for female employment brings about an array of opportunities and
a sense of independence, the glass ceiling continues to exist with the “feminization of
poverty” (Moghadam 1999). Researchers in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology, and
Economics have collected empirical data that shows the consequences of globalization
on the lives of women and their families in developing nations.

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