Woman and Dinner Party Essay

September 14, 2017 General Studies

Many work forces these think that adult females don’t cognize how to remain calm in a state of affairs. They say work forces cognize how to command their emotions manner more than adult females do. The short narrative the Dinner Party by Gardner carries out a message. The message is that adult females can hold merely every bit much control as work forces can.

The narrative starts off at a fancy dinner party in India at a colonial official’s house. A immature adult female starts a treatment on how adult females have overcome the jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse epoch. A colonel disagrees with this and says that a woman’s first reaction in a crisis is to shout. He thinks work forces have more egos control than adult females because even though they make feel like shouting they don’t.

An American naturalist was present at the dinner party. He decides to look around the room and notices a unusual expression come across the hostess face and her musculuss undertaking. She so whispers to the native male child behind and his widen and brings in a bowl of milk. In India this means come-on for a serpent. He comes to the decision that there is a cobra in the room. He looks around the room but the room looks clear. He knew the serpent was under the tabular array and he his first urge was to leap back and warn the others but he had stayed composure.

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He so tells the people in the room what they must make. He said he wanted to prove the ego control that the people had and told them about the serpent. The serpent does non strike and everything under control. The host speaks up and tells the colonel that he was right and that work forces have more control. The American asks the hostess how she knew about the serpent and she so says “It was creeping across my pes. ”

He we can see that the colonel was incorrect and that adult females can hold merely every bit much control as work forces. Mona Gardner carried out the message by demoing us the ego control of work forces but besides showed us that adult female can hold the same control and that they have overcome that stereotype.


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