Womens’ Compulsive Obsession Essay

July 29, 2017 General Studies

In “A Woman’s Beauty: Put Down or Power Source? ” Susan ? Sontag ­ argues that adult females view beauty as an duty and that they really focus on their visual aspect more than who they are as a individual. In the essay. Sontag provides the positions of both Christians and Greeks towards beauty and compares them to the superficial positions of the present. Sontag stresses that adult females should direct their attending to other things instead than beauty. Beauty is put at such a high criterion that adult females feel the demand to be every bit beautiful as the adult females advertised.

Basically. adult females endeavor to be appropriate and beautiful to pull work forces. Sontag besides showcases that adult females believe that being beautiful will gain them a repute and topographic point in society. and that beauty brings power and success. Harmonizing to Sontag. beauty is the lone signifier of power that adult females are encouraged to seek. In our ain clip. beauty is administered as a signifier of self­oppression. In the procedure of turning up. immature adult females may bury how intelligent they are and their aspirations in life. A woman’s success in the society s depends on good expressions. which are a great advantage in life.

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