Woodlands Dance Festival

December 16, 2017 Music

Second Semester- Dance Critique WOODLANDS DANCE FESTIVAL We watched various professional dance performances at the Woodlands Dance Festival on April 9 2011 at the Nancy Bock Center. The festival represented Dance Houston’s wide-ranging aesthetic, featuring several styles of dance including hip-hop, contemporary, cultural and ballroom. The festival featured Revolve Dance Company, Dance of Asian America, Urban Souls Dance Company, Ballet Excelsior of Houston, International Ballet of Houston, Affinity Ballroom and trEd.

These performances I will remember for a long time. It was a great opportunity for me to expand on different unexplored paths at this Concert performance. The music and dance put together paints a perfect picture for each of the performances. It was enlightening to see these performances for me because many of the dances went out of the boundaries and out of the box. The music depicts the whole picture when associated with these dances. All groups had amazing performances and showcased some cutting edge choreography.

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All throughout the performances, the performers were very meaningful about their feelings through the facial expressions and at the same time they were very elaborate because you could tell how they felt just by looking at their faces. The performers danced excellent. I was very impressed by how precise they were in every single movement. I did not notice any sort of errors and it was all put with tremendous amount of effort and practice. The people who preformed were so realistic towards the society, there was nothing odd.

The spacing used throughout the stage was very effective, it was not crowded and space was used wisely. The sets and props were absolutely amazing and it was work that could not have been done in one day for it was really astonishing. I really liked the costumes the performers were wearing because most colors that were worn were bright and they were bold and visible to the audience. The costumes were also very well put together; they did not get in the way of the performers while dancing.

The lighting on stage was one thing I really LOVED because it was not too dim nor was it to bright, but it was just perfect for each scene and its emotion. The dancers were very skilled, like professionals. For one to be able to perform and dance like that requires so much effort and confidence. These people I admire the most because they are so willing to put in so much effort by trying and not giving up. This performance was one of the best ones I have ever seen.

It really made a change in my mind about dances, but more importantly it helped me think about the beauty of each piece of music, its different characteristics, and the uniqueness that each work possesses. This dance concert was a wonderful way to spend my evening with my fellow classmates. We further discussed about the technique, props, movements, the relationships, and the dance itself. The dancers were full of energy and emotion it felt as if you were in the story or “lives” of the dancers as one could say. I felt like I was on a journey watching a combination of various dances.


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