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March 7, 2019 Medical

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The question I am trying to answer with my project is ‘Should We Enhance the Human Body?’ This question encompasses the medical enhancement of the human body, specifically focusing on tissue engineering and biomaterials, though it will also touch on other aspects of the bio-medical field such as gene therapy. All of these methods allow doctors and scientists to push the body past its natural limits, allowing it to heal faster than ever before and from injuries which it was previously unable to do so. The intent of the project is to reach an ethically and scientifically justified conclusion, using the information and points of view I have researched, on whether the continual use of biomedical engineering to alter the human body can ultimately be justified and deemed moral.
I will research several of the different ways in which biomaterials and tissue engineering are used to ‘enhance’ the human body, including first, second and third generation biomaterials . I also intend to research the complete history of biomaterials, beginning with the ancient world, and informing the reader of all developments up to and including the present day. I will then research various ethical and moral arguments surrounding the field of bioengineering, and I will reach a justified conclusion as to why the progress we display in the development of biomaterials is a good thing.
The question which I plan to focus my essay around has attracted my attention for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am fascinated by the technological advances in the field of biomaterials in the past decade. The potential of these technologies is enormous. Many are already being used in surgeries and medical procedures today. For example, bioactive materials are used in some dental procedures to repair pulp damage . However, this is only a taste of what biomaterials can and will do to improve the range of medical treatments available to doctors. In the far future, we may even be able to use this technology to regrow entire limbs , a concept seemingly taken straight from Science Fiction.
It is not only the limitless possibilities of biomaterials that has convinced me to pick this particular topic for my essay. I am also attracted to the subject on a personal level. I have a strong desire to continue with the study of Material Science at university, and I am hoping to be able to specialise in Biomaterials and tissue engineering some time into my higher


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