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Nishani Baskararajah
November, 5th, 2013
The Young Single
Case Study Assignment Aisha Patel is an eighteen year old post secondary student at Laurier University currently living in Waterloo Ontario. She has just gotten into her first relationship with Brian Khan after moving into Waterloo Ontario by herself. Aisha had a huge passion for law as a child. She was looking forward to get an undergraduate degree in law so that she can graduate and get into a law school, and achieve her dreams of being a lawyer. During high school, Aisha had visited many law workshops, and was part of many teams such as Mock trial, and Amnesty International, to help her with her law pathway. Aisha even volunteered at law firms and was quite familiar on how a busy day as a lawyer would be like. As a child Aisha did work, but eventually had to quit due to lack of time. Aisha loved children and therefore she was a part time dance teacher and tutor. She made enough pocket money and saved up some money to support her rents when paying for her post secondary education. Aisha was a very sociable and active young woman.
Aisha grew up in Markham Ontario, with two older siblings. Aisha’s sister was married and had her own family in Downtown Toronto, and her brother was currently an undergrad student at Ryerson University doing business. Aisha enjoyed dancing and sports such as volley ball and basket ball and was part of the high school team, and a team outside of school. Every weekend she tutored five kids at her home for 3 hours a week, and dance for another three hours a week. After graduating high school, Alisha thought it would be hard to tutor and teach dance, and so she stopped her part time career, and saved enough money to help purchase possessions for her post secondary school. Aisha considered being a teacher or a dance teacher as a side career while being a lawyer but she wasn’t really sure.
Alisha was now old enough to leave her family and move on to a life were…


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