Work experience at Rainbow Nursery Essay

October 3, 2017 General Studies

During my first few hebdomads at my arrangement at St Anns. I worked with twelvemonth 1 students and nursery students. My function at the baby’s room was to assist the kids with their school work and oversee them during lessons and interruptions. every bit good as clean uping the schoolroom. My clip at St Anns improved my effectivity as a calling in three ways. It taught me how to act around kids. When I foremost started working at St Anns. I was still improbably diffident and was non certain how to interact with the kids but through detecting the lasting staff at that place. I learnt that you should ever seek to be happy around them. you can non convey any personal issues to work with you if you are working about kids as they are really intuitive and will rapidly pick up on the fact that you are unhappy it will impact them and do them upset.

I took portion in PE categories with the twelvemonth one’s with at St Anns. The instructor gave the kids instructions as how to travel around the gym. For illustration. the instructor told them to walk or run easy around the gym like an animate being or attempt and do different forms with their organic structures. Whilst the kids were taking portion so did I and the instructor to do the activity gratifying and to promote the kids. Unexpectedly the kids became over aroused and started to mess around. I had to assist quiet them down which was a small hard as I was merely a pupil in the category. This helped me larn how to be important and bid regard by stating them how to hush down and state them why they should quiet down. Besides I have learnt from this that you must ever state kids why you are stating them off. as they will get down to larn to look at things from a different point of view.

I learnt that you have to be steadfast and relentless with kids if they are to take you earnestly and larn to act. Otherwise they will maintain behaving severely and will non hold any regard for authorization. However my work experience at St Anns brought me to reach with assorted different types of students as every student is non the same. for illustration an autistic student. This taught me how to interact with them the right manner.

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While at Rainbow Nursery. I worked with kids aged 2-6 for a block hebdomad work arrangement. The experience complemented my clip at St Anns. although I was exposed to different experiences such as assisting the kids with Gallic lessons. During the lessons I taught and helped the kids say and pronounce the words that were being taught.

At St Anns. the kids do non larn linguistic communications until they leave the baby’s room and transportation to the junior portion of the school. In this regard. although I preferred working at St Anns. Rainbow prevents their kids holding trouble at larning linguistic communications in the hereafter as I have heard that it is best to get down linguistic communications at an early age.

Furthermore. whilst working at Rainbow. I encouraged the students as they practised and preformed ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ drama. I helped them retrieve at that place small lines and commanded them to be quiet and concentrate when they started to lose involvement. I besides helped staff at Rainbow make the costumes of the characters for the drama by assisting them cut out the stuffs and run up them. This was a successful activity as the staff were grateful for my aid and by working as a squad we got the undertaking done rapidly and expeditiously. This activity besides helped me develop my societal accomplishments which helped me better my self-esteem and assurance degrees.

Working at both baby’s rooms has besides taught me how to care for kids more expeditiously. For illustration. I now talk and drama with kids at drama clip. soothe them when they are disquieted.


When I foremost started my work experience at Rainbow Nursery in the first twelvemonth of my class I was really nervous as I have non truly worked with immature kids before and I was non certain if I would be any good at learning and assisting them. I think this was because I was non certain if the kids would wish me as I was a new grownup in their category. nevertheless. I got used to the environment and as the kids got used to me. working with them helped me to come out of my shell and be more socially active. During my yearss there I would read them narratives and drama with them in the resort area.

Although. I enjoyed working in Rainbow Nursery. I benefited more from working at St Anns Primary School. The staff at Rainbow were non as friendly and pleasant as the staff at St Anns and besides the school environment at St Anns is much better and comfy. The kids are all really good behaved at St Anns unlike Rainbow. They besides have a really rigorous ‘no bullying’ system which at Rainbow the staff did non look to implement decently.


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