Worst Car Accident I Have Ever Had Essay

August 10, 2017 General Studies

I felt a large thump at the forepart of my truck. and at that minute I did non cognize what had happened. Seconds later I felt my organic structure turning with the vehicle. I grasped the wheel truly difficult with both of my custodies. while the glass shattered in to pieces. My caput. my thorax. and my weaponries were soaking in blood. My bosom was crushing really fast. I thought it was the terminal of my life. That summer twenty-four hours on 2004. I was driving back from work in the afternoon and I took the South Beltway 8. When I was go throughing under the span on Harwin Street. the auto in from of me all of a sudden move to the left lane. After that. I heard a heavy blow and my choice up truck went winging into the air. I did non cognize at that minute what happened. Later. when all was unagitated. I got out the truck. and I sat on the paving. It was an astonishing image. I was really nervous while and weaponries bled from the lesions.

Immediately. the paramedics and constabularies had arrived. while a chopper was winging over the country of the accident. I waited for the paramedics to come to my assistance. Then they placed me on the stretcher really carefully and took me to the ambulance. The paramedics took my blood force per unit area and band aid wrapped my caput in patchs. I besides remember seeing a police officer who entered the ambulance merely to set me a traffic ticket. I merely told the constabulary officer that it was non my mistake. that person had left his auto in the center of the expressway.

The ambulance took approximately 10 proceedingss to get to the Southwest Memorial Hospital. I remember that in the Hospital they took many X raies. and put me on a machine to acquire a scan. There was non found internal hemorrhage. Then the physician said that the lesions were non so serious. I spent about three hours at the infirmary. I had non called my household. because I did non desire them to worry. When I arrived at my place. I told my married woman all about the accident.

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Finally. after a long twenty-four hours. I sat in a chair on the balcony of my house. I thought about the awful accident that had happened. Harmonizing to this experience “I learned that life is to short and cipher knows the hereafter and I ne’er thought that I would had such a serious accident.


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