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May 15, 2018 General Studies

Would have to say that paragraph number two would have to be the one that would choose that was the most effective. The writer did a good job of keeping the paragraph flowing with interesting facts. There was information in the writing that some people may not have known and the way it was written was not repetitive and boring. The writer included a variation of rhythm without using the same words over and over again.

Yet still keeping the topic to the recent economic concerns, also explaining some of the ways to help individuals understand what the President is trying to do in order to alp eliminate some of the confusion on the laws, putting an end to the unfair fees, and the increase in interest rates. The author made sure that the writing was a flowing paragraph of information that could be understood to the readers. Once I submitted my paragraphs to Write Point there were many helpful tools and suggestions to assist with my paper.

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Write Point pointed out that when that President should not be capitalized, unless part of a proper name or to mean the President of the United States. Another point made was that was using more words than needed, A sentence as long as 50 or more words can e confusing because it can have logic twists, recursions, or long lists. Cut it into shorter sentences, each with a single idea. Shorter sentences are easier to comprehend. Live Written was incorrect because, this long and short sentences is what gives you variety and rhythm. Also avoid using referring to yourself in third person, unless this is a personal account then use “l, me, why’. Written also pointed out avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction, so changed But to Yet in starting off one of my sentences. Write Point is a useful writing tool that can be accessed through the University of Phoenix’s web site.

When submitting a paper to Write Point on a Sunday or Monday a person would need to allow two full hours for their paper to get returned, since these are the busiest days. I submitted my paper on a Saturday and within a couple of minutes I had the feedback provided by Write Point , although it did take a little longer to receive the feedback for Plagiarism. I know that Written will help me in the future by giving me feedback and to not summit papers on Sunday’s or Monday’s unless I have the time to wait for my feedback.


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