Writing An Essay Is A Way People Express Their Feelings

May 8, 2018 General Studies

Once you figure out hat your thesis is you need to gather information on your topic whether your essay is mostly facts or opinion you must either write down ideas from your own head or look into references because these facts always make ones essay. Reason being that no matter how influential you may be to readers someone else’s opinion combined with that of yours can only further intensify the validity of your claim.

Now we get down to the juicy stuff writing your essay your introduction is an important part of your essay because you have o try to get the attention four reader this will set the mood for your whole essay. An introduction should be short captivating and to the point meaning, explain your purpose of writing in short statements not giving up the details but the broad aspects of your topic. Its better to start of with a question in my opinion because that way the reader thinks more to himself he tries to relate more with your topic. Also try to add a quote at the end what this does is validates or further strengthens my topic or ideas by adding support using rods or saying from individuals that I personally know or would think my readers would be interested in adhering or listening to. That’s how I would begin my essay and then would go into the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs of an essay are like the apples on an apple tree. Yes the introduction and conclusion are arguably the most important parts of an essay but the body is all a person needs to read to get that “ayah okay’ moment.

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These paragraphs contain all the information that support your claims. In these paragraphs you add your data stories quotes from other people and anything else that would make the reader further believe in what your trying to convince them to believe in. In my body paragraphs try to add a quote from a person related to my topic and then I like throwing a statistic into the mix. Of course then no matter how clear cut the evidences are to my topic you must still explain how your quote or statistics support your claims or else there is always the chance of the reader getting confused.

The conclusion, in my opinion the introduction is the main part of the essay because you have to obtain the attention of the reader but the conclusion is just as important. This is so because after reading the introduction reading the body paragraphs the reader himself might forget or get confused about what I am trying to prove to him. So basically you can say that a conclusion of an essay is inevitably a summary in a way. This is so because you restate your thesis concisely and shortly restate your reasons or claims and if you want o can ask a question or add a quote to end it.

So in many ways its like an introduction, the main purpose of this paragraph is to leave an impact on the reader so once he is done reading he may not remember anything you said in the other paragraphs, but since your conclusion was so captivating he was able to learn everything he had to from your essay just by reading that last paragraph. So summarize attention grab and make it eloquent enough that the reader I never able to stop talking about it. That’s my tutorial on how to write an essay.


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