Writing Process

April 26, 2018 General Studies

The writing process Writing is a skill which is simply learned by practice and more practice, but in order to practice your writing you need to go through a variety of procedures and stages, which what we like to call the “writing process” or pre writing or whatever the heck your teacher describes it as. These procedures differ from one writers taste to another, each of them has their own technique.

This writing process proves that the work of a writer is not linear, but its a step by step procedure, in which the writer changes his mind and rewrites, organize and edit. Having said that, now we know most writers success are determined on how well they revise their work. In the Pre-writing stage I usually do a little of research to establish a foundation or a base on which I would write about, in this stage would usually declare the purpose of my writing by making an outline.

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In my outline I arrange and rearrange my thoughts and ideas that usually have the habit of clashing against each other as I’m writing. One thing enjoy doing is drawing a mushroom, which is the very first writing technique that I learned in Kinder Garden. The reason why like it is because I an “literally” write whatever I want to write and scribble and draw little puppies for all I care. It helps me plan out my thoughts thoroughly. Second step, which is a very crucial step for me; is the body of your essay.

During this stage I chose what ideas and information I extracted from my little mushroom, as well of creating an introduction and conclusion for each paragraph. For many writers this is paring down what you produced with the pre-writing stage, and I usually find that I had to disregard many ideas that didn’t fit the final product of my essay. This is also the organizational stage where have to use my rating instincts to chose what should include and ids-include. Finally we go to the best part, which is revising ones legendary work if I must say.

In this stage I usually like to leave my work at the desk and go in for a walk , perhaps feed some pidgins or anything that breaks my routine so I can go back with a new clear head to revise and edit. Usually when spend more time in Stage and Stage two, my final Stage becomes pretty simple yet crucial, thus revising gives you the opportunity to check grammar, punctuation and even coming up with new strategies and plans for more effective and conciseness writing.


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