Wwii Impact on Women

The Impact WW2 had on Women During WW2 the presence of men at home was to a bare minimum. The impact this had on women was felt throughout the nation. How women would be looked at would be changed forever. They had to uphold various positions that were usually held by men and reevaluate their roles as homemakers. Their lives at home had changed; they were no longer the primary care giver. They also joined different parts of the military.

Due to men being away at war during WW2 women were forced to participate in the workforce, which would change their view of their position in society. With life hard on women already holding the home together while their husbands were in the war, they were forced to fill the spots that were usually held by men. Being in the workforce and doing jobs they would have never imagined doing such as: working in the factories, in transportation, and in government. These would have never been offered to women if there were men available.

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To get these women interested in getting involved, the “government teamed up with industry, the media, and woman’s organizations in an effort to urge them to join the labor force: their agenda: telling women it was their “patriotic duty” to go to work. ” While doing these non-traditional jobs they still did jobs traditionally performed by women such as: sales and clerical, nursing, and teaching. “Nearly a million women were hired by the federal government and women’s share of federal jobs increased from 18. 8 per cent in 1940 to 37. 5 per cent in 1945.

Many women earned higher incomes than ever before, yet their wages were still not comparable to male pay. Women increasingly joined labor unions; the proportion of union members that were women raised from 9. 4 per cent in 1940 to 21. 8 per cent in 1944 . This shows just a few jumps in percentages that women went from just in those few years. Especially the percentage of women actually enlisting in the military rose dramatically. There was a sum of, “350,000 that had joined the Armed services, serving at home and abroad Many of these women joined different parts of this new introduced, but already established all men military.

In 1942 the Women’s Army Corps was introduced. These women worked in more than 200 non- combatant jobs stateside and also every part of the war. They served not only as common nurses but also “within the ranks of the United States Army. ” There was also the Women’s Army Corps introduced in 1942. This group of 1,100 women was asked to join and fly military aircraft, due to the shortage of pilots. Their job was to fly from factories to military bases and also different take off points around the country.

Even though during their enlistment the WASP were supposed to become part of the military, after a couple years the program was cancelled. The last group the, Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, was already established. After being absent for twenty-three years, they had to be reactivated because of WW2. While a large portion of these women did the job of secretarial and clerical they had other jobs they did. Thousands of WAVES performed duties in aviation, medical professions, communication, intelligence, science and technology.

These military jobs and the other non-traditional jobs the women participated in made them almost like a ghost in their home front. All of these women that were manipulated and pressured into doing these jobs put a big hardship on their presence at home. Even though women are considered the mangers of the home they also had to worry about the domestic part of things. They had to learn how to portion and ration their food. Instead of being able to buy new clothes they had to sew old clothes to help conserve money for other expenses.

Even though they had a car to drive them, they cut back on that, saving the tread on the tires as well as the gas in the tank. Some even grew their family food just trying to cut back on anything they could. While they were out doing their part of the war and earning any money they could, they had to leave their children by themselves with an elder child or even leave them with other mothers that were going through the same thing. With the men gone a lot of responsibilities were put on the women, having the strength of sanity they made it through this hard time.

Therefore based on these facts it is obvious that WW2 did have an impact on women’s part in the workforce and their desire to continue to stay there. WW2 obviously also had an impact on the change of the Home front and how families would be changed from a household with one working parent to two working parents. It also shows that the presence of a woman’s role in the armed forces would then and always will be needed. This war gave women the courage and strength to become more independent and feel that they can do the job that a man can do.

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