October 31, 2017 General Studies

“This farm stays in the family. It’s a question of blood. ” The text shows that even the strongest family relationships are threatened by the question of inheritance. ” Discuss. In the Australian play ‘Inheritance,’ directed and written by Hannie Rayson, racism and prejudice are main themes discussed throughout the novel. The Delaney’s and Hamilton’s are explored throughout the text and are seen as a strongly bonded family at the beginning of the novel but slowly lose their bond and relationship due to struggles and complications of the family farm.

Nugget’s exclusion from inheriting his father’s farm and his relationship with his father, Farley. Nugget’s relationship with his father Farley is fairly strong. “… to my son Nugget” was read by William from Farley’s will. William and Dibs discussed about inheriting the farm and how Nugget shouldn’t be allowed to inherit the farm. This shows that the family becomes destructive to one another and prejudice started to show within the characters. The bond with one another during the beginning of the novel was weakened when money and the decision of inheriting the farm was involved.

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Although ‘the farm stays in the family,’ Nugget was not given the farm. The will left by Farley clearly stated that he let Nugget inherit the farm. Dibs reveal to the family that Farley left the farm to Nugget. Girlie asks why they took Nugget in, and Dibs reveals that it was her idea after she found out about Farley’s affair, but she said “I will not be giving Nugget a single handful of this dirt. ” After the death of Farley, Nugget imagines himself talking to Farley, confronting Farley about not telling people the truth.

This shows although Nugget is blood related to Farley who is part of the family, the others do not accept him as ‘family’. In conclusion to this event, the family struggled and argued over the farm. The Hamilton’s and the Delaney’s struggle both financially and mentally over the farm. This puts a corruption between relationships within the family. At the end of the novel, Dibs said ” I don’t like William, and Julia has raised Felix to be a wuss. ” This shows that true emotions had came out of people over the farm. The text ‘Inheritance’ shows that even families like the Delaney’s and Hamilton’s which were a


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